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“Great coaches are visionaries. Great coaches instill, nurture, and encourage vision, then model and motivate surrender to it.”
Thomas G. Bandy

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Acceptable Use Policy Act 126 – Report Suspected Child Abuse Active Shooter Training
Address Changes for Coaches Banquet Information Coaches Training (Annual)
Coaches Training (One-Time) Hazing Policy PIAA D3 Rules and Regulations
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Acceptable Use Policy
If you would like to request a district email account, read Board Policy 815 and complete the AUP Staff Agreement.

Act 126 – Report Suspected Child Abuse
If you suspect that a child is being abused, take these steps immediately:

  • Report the incident by calling Childline at 1-800-932-0313 or visiting
  • Complete a CY-47 form which can be obtained from the school nurse.
  • Fax the CY-47 form to York County Children & Youth at (717)771-9884

Active Shooter Training
York Suburban has adopted the Run, Hide, Fight model of handling active shooter situations.  Please review this video for some excellent pointers.

Address Changes for Coaches
To change your address, please complete the Earned Income Tax and W-4 forms. Submit the completed documents to the Athletics Department.

Banquet Information

  • High School Teams are expected to hold a banquet at the end of the season.  The All-Sports Booster Club provides some funds to offset the cost of the banquet – see the link below for more information.  Middle School Teams are encouraged to hold an end-of-season celebration; however, no funds are currently available to support the event.
  • Date, Time, Location:  HS Varsity Coaches, please contact, or have your team parent contact, the Administrative Assistant for Athletics to set-up a date, time, & location for your banquet at least 2 months prior to your proposed banquet date so that invitations may be sent to the Board, and the District and High School Administration.  Banquets are traditionally held in the High School Cafeteria at 6:30 pm; however, some coaches choose to hold their banquet at an alternate location or time.  MS Head Coaches,  please contact, or have your team parent contact, the Administrative Assistant for Athletics to set-up a date, time, & location for your end-of-season celebration at least 2 months prior to your proposed date so that it can be added to the AD and At’s calendar.  End-of-Season celebrations are traditionally held in the Middle School Cafeteria; however, some coaches choose to hold them at an alternate location.
  • Format:  HS Coaches, please choose a format (meal and awards presentation OR desserts and awards presentation) for your banquet if being held in the High School Cafeteria and communicate this information to the Administrative Assistant for Athletics to be included on the invitation sent to the Board and Administration.
  • Certificates of Participation:  All student-athletes and managers will receive a Certificate of Participation each season they participate with a team.  These will be provided to you mid-season to avoid the end-of-season rush.  Please review the certificates when you receive them and ask for any changes or missing certificates early so that all participants receive their certificate at the end-of-season celebration or banquet.
  • Varsity Awards: HS varsity coaches will be asked to recommend any of their varsity players for a varsity award who have met the criteria set forth by the district.  Please see the Recommendation Instructions for additional information.
  • Programs: HS Coaches are encouraged, but not required, to have programs for their banquet.  They can be as minimal as a one-page document or as complex as you desire.  Help with collating and copying is available from the Administrative Assistant for Athletics proved at least a week’s notice is given prior to your event.
  • Additional Banquet Information from the Booster Club

Coaches Training (Annual)
Per the PIAA and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, a Concussion Awareness Course and a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training Course are to be completed each school year prior to holding practice with student-athletes. Completion certificates are to be given to the Administrative Assistant in the Athletics Department prior to the beginning of the season. The required courses can be accessed HERE.

Coaches Training (One-Time)
Per the PIAA, a First Aid Course and a Coaching Principles Course must be completed within the first two years after a coach’s hire. York Suburban uses SafeSchools to administer these courses. Shortly after hire, you should receive an email with log-in information. More information about the required courses can be found HERE and the directions for creating a coach profile and uploading the required documentation to the PIAA website can be found HERE.

Hazing Policy
Please review the District Hazing Policy #247 on an annual basis.

PIAA D3 Rules and Regulations 2020-2021
More information about the rules and regulations for PIAA District III can be found HERE.

Post-Season Meals and Transportation

Wellspan’s AT Athlete Database
The database can be accessed HERE.