Back-to-School Packet

Welcome to YSHS 2020-21!

This information is for your reference only. Please check your email for the 2020 completion process of all Back to School paperwork. 


While the start of this school year will certainly be different than ever before, we hope everyone is excited to get back to learning and getting our school year started.   This Online Back-to-School Packet contains important information that all parents/guardians and students need to review and complete online prior to the first day of school.  


Before proceeding to all of the documents, please remember our start of school dates:

  • In-person freshman will begin on Wednesday, August 19.  Those students should arrive to the high school by 7:55.
  • Freshman and new YSHS students participating in our new online program (Trojan Online Pathway) should plan to log-in for their orientation on Wednesday, August 19.   Additional information will be forthcoming. 
  • All in-person students with a last name starting with A through K should plan to arrive to the high school by 7:55 on Thursday, August 20.  The school day will start in their Flex room. 
  • All in-person students with a last name starting with L through Z should plan to arrive to the high school by 7:55 on Friday, August 21. The school day will start in their Flex room.  
  • All students participating in our new online program (Trojan Online Pathway) should plan to log-in for the start of their first day of instruction on Thursday, August 20.   Additional information will be forthcoming. 


For those students participating in our blended/hybrid model, please take a moment to also review the following document that briefly outlines the many changes and safety procedures we have put in place for this coming school year.  Many of our upperclassmen students will find many new routines than they are used to.

2020-21 YSHS Hybrid Student Information


We also expect that all families will conduct a daily screening of their students prior to leaving home for school each day.   The following questions should be reviewed and answered each morning.   Families do not need to turn this document in; it is for your own use.  

Daily Screening Tool for Students


Now that you’ve reviewed those general pieces of information, here are many more specific documents and actions that you need to take so that your son/daughter is set to go for the school year.  It will be important for you to sign into Infinite Campus and perform several tasks.   [Some of these documents may not apply to a student in our TOP program (100% online); however, we ask that all families still complete each of the steps so we can seamlessly transition the student to our hybrid program if that becomes appropriate in the future.] 


STEP 1: Review this message completely before clicking on any links.

STEP 2: Sign into Infinite Campus (Please complete by August 19, 2020, and no later than Friday, August 21, 2020.)

If you have used Infinite Campus (IC) before, here is your username:{{username}}.  If you do not remember your password, please use the forgot password option to reset it.

If you have never signed into IC and there is no username above, click on “New User” and enter this activation key:{{access Code}} to create an account.

  • Sign into Infinite Campus 
  • See detailed instructions on using IC<link coming>
  • Go to survey tab in Message Center and complete HS Parent Sign Off
    • Review each document
    • Complete the questions confirming you have read each document
    • Submit Parent Sign Off

STEP 3: Take Care of Student Fees if they Apply 

In an attempt to make your life easier, the district is offering the service of collecting student fees through an online program.  You have the option to use the IC fees link to submit payment online.  Your entire family’s fees can be paid at one time.  See IC for instructions.  Below are several items that require your attention and financial support.  

  • There is a $50 activity fee for any student that will be involved with an extra-curricular activity, regardless of the number of activities in which the student participates.  If your student plans to participate in an extracurricular activity during the 2020-2021 school year, you must submit the $50 fee. This includes all athletic teams, Student Council, Honor Societies, and most extracurricular clubs.
  • Chromebook insurance is $20. Although this is optional, we encourage insuring each Chromebook to minimize the cost of any repairs due to physical damage or theft.  A copy of the insurance policy and Chromebook agreement can be found in the online packet.  
  • Student Driving and Parking Regulations (optional) - Parking on campus is a privilege and by permit ONLY. Parking Permits cost $25 per year and can be paid in Infinite Campus (by credit card or Money Order). Parking Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis to licensed drivers only, who have submitted a fully-completed application and paid the fee at the school store in Infinite Campus.


Step 4:  Mark your calendar for some additional upcoming events. 

School Pictures - Please also be aware that we have scheduled school pictures the first week of the year.  Students in 9th through 11th grade will have pictures taken the mornings of Friday, August 21st and Monday, August 24th depending on their day of attendance.  Information about pictures may be found on our website. Senior pictures will be taken the week of August 31st.  We will permit TOP (online) students to come in for their pictures if students and families are interested in doing so.  Additional information regarding that option will be shared close to the time.  

Back to School Night - Please also mark your calendar for our virtual Back to School on the evening of Thursday, August 27, 2020. The night is a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and team and learn more about what they will be doing this year. More information will be provided in a few weeks. Given our new environment, we will be conducting the class periods online in much the same way the students are having classes.


Step 5: Deposit Money for Meals

Cash will not be exchanged at the register for lunch and breakfast purchases. Deposits will still be accepted through your school building office.  Anyone that wants to purchase a lunch at full or reduced price must deposit money into meals accounts through the office or using K12 Payment Center, an online meal payment and purchase monitoring system.


High School Meal Prices for 2020-2021

Breakfast        $1.40

Lunch             $2.75

Make checks payable to "YS Food Services".



Freshman & New Students

  • Your child will receive a phone call during the week of August 10 with information about Trojan Link Crew activities on the first day of school (August 19, 2020).
  • There is no general “Supply List” for high school students. Each teacher will provide his/her students with a list of the supplies needed for each particular class during the first day of that class. 


Physical Exam Requirements Notice (review) 


Armed Forces Notification - The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed into law House Bill No. 10, which requires the Superintendent of every public school district to make available, upon request, the names, addresses and phone numbers of junior and senior students to U.S. Armed Forces’ recruiters.  If you do NOT wish to have your name and address released to the military recruiters this year, please provide a request in writing to the high school office by the last day of August. 


Senior Open Campus Privilege Form (optional) - Complete if applicable 



Chromebook Guidelines and Agreement (signature page must be printed, signed and returned when they pick up their Chromebook)

Chromebook Insurance (highly recommended) The annual fee is $20 and protects parents, guardians and students from the high cost of repairs.  A deductible does apply.  Graduating seniors are able to keep their Chromebook with no additional fee if insurance is purchased for at least four years.


Step 8: Student Account information

We want to make sure  has username and password to sign in to the Chromebook they will be receiving from the district as well as learning resources.   

's username:

's password:


Step 9: Student Schedules

We will be releasing student schedules the morning of Friday, August 14 via Infinite Campus.  Please plan to log on to review the schedule and contact your child’s counselor if there are any issues with schedules.  If you identify any mistakes with your child’s schedule, please have them contact their guidance counselor.  



Athletic Event Entrance Policy

Activity Fee Payment Transmittal (required if paying by cash, check, or money order)

Activity Fee Waiver Application (for cases of financial hardship)

Free or Reduced Meal Information and Application - A Free or Reduced Meal Application must be completed at the beginning of each year in order to be eligible for Free or Reduced Meals.

K12 Payment Center - online meal payment and purchase monitoring.  When you first add your child(ren), the balance will be zero, since the balance is not pulled from our point of sale system until a transaction occurs.  The correct balance will appear within 24 hrs.

What's for Lunch? (or download the app to your mobile device by scanning the code to the right)

Medication Form for Medication Administered by the Nurse's Office (Students are not permitted to carry prescription or OTC medicine except as permitted by Board Policy.  Students needing for a prescription medicine to be administered in school must complete the linked form.)

Medication Form for Self-Administered Medication (For students with EpiPens or Inhalers)

Student Accident Insurance

York Suburban Education Foundation FAQ's

CTC Membership Form 


There is a wealth of additional information on our district and school website.   Please check out the new "Resources for Parents/Guardians" page that can be found by selecting the Parent/Guardian Resources button in the upper left corner of each building's web page.