Project Update – January 2024

Bubble diagram showing the flow of the renovations proposed for YSHS

The Board and the public were provided with a comprehensive update on ongoing projects during the January 22 Board Meeting presentation. The session centered on the extensive renovations planned for the High School, incorporating discussions on a potential pool option within the existing natatorium space, as well as the overall design enhancements for the school. It’s important to note that the inclusion of a pool is a proposed option at this stage, and various design alternatives are actively being explored.

To facilitate community engagement, a public meeting dedicated to discussing the plans for the Intermediate Center is scheduled for February 28 at 7:00 pm, to be held at East York Elementary School. We extend an invitation to members of the community to attend this session, providing an opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the proposed building and participate in the ongoing dialogue surrounding these transformative projects.