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The District conducted two district-wide feasibility studies to review building conditions, educational goals, and enrollment capacities. Through those studies, we identified several conditions that directly impact our ability to inspire a BOLD future for ALL students. For a summary of efforts to date regarding our plans to construct a new intermediate school, renovate the high school, and address capital projects district-wide, please view the June Newsletter linked above.

At the Board of Directors' meeting on May 28, the Board approved a General Fund Budget for the 2024-2025 school year. The Budget includes allocations for planned expenditures of $73,416,386. In addition to supporting general operating expenses and quality education programs, the budget supports our plans to renovate the high school and construct a new intermediate school for our students in grades 3-5.

Balancing the budget is complex and challenging. However, with the Board’s guidance, the administration was able to prioritize needs, effectively allocate existing resources, and continue efforts to implement strategies that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Ultimately, to balance the 2024-2025 General Fund Budget, the Board raised the millage rate from 25.6858 in 2023-2024 to 26.5848, resulting in a 3.50% tax increase for 2024-2025. The average York Suburban taxpayer's real estate bill will go up roughly $114 next year.

The Tax Impact Calculator has been updated to help residents better understand the impact of our planned construction and renovation projects on their Real Estate Tax bill. It is important to note that for 2025-2026 and later, the estimated increases shown on the calculator are based only on the cost of district projects. Additional funding for operational costs is still to be determined.

PLEASE NOTE: This calculator is a tool for tax estimation only. This result should not be considered a final tax figure and is intended only as an approximation.

A Renovations & Construction FAQ was developed to answer commonly asked questions about the District’s planned projects. The FAQ is divided into sections on Academics, Finances, School and Classroom Structure, Staffing, Transportation, and Miscellaneous. As we receive additional questions, this document will be updated to include relevant information

Last updated April 2024 

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Community Update Archive

Updated Tax Impact Calculator and Planned Project Resources – June 2024

Dear York Suburban Community, I am writing today to provide an update on the status of our Budget and links to resources that I believe you will find helpful in better understanding our budget and program planning at York Suburban School District. At the last Board of Directors’ meeting on May 28, the Board approved a General Fund Budget for the 2024-2025 school year. The Budget includes allocations for planned expenditures of $73,416,386. In addition…

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Board Meeting Project Update – April 2024

At the April 29, 2024’s Regular Board Meeting, Dr. Krauser provided a historical review of the facility and programming work since 2016 and the processes the Board Members have engaged in to reach their decision points. In addition, he reviewed some recent frequently asked questions and reviewed resources available on the District’s Construction and Renovation website.   Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates also presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors regarding…

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Board and Community Meetings – February 2024

On February 26, Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors and community. Updates on the second Intermediate School Advisory Committee meeting from January 29, which included a visual listening exercise, were shared. Additionally, an updated site plan for the Intermediate School was presented. The site survey was recently completed, causing revisions to the location of the building on the East York site. The result will…

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Community Meeting Announcement – February 2024

All residents living in the York Suburban School District are invited to attend a public meeting at East York Elementary School on February 28, 2024, at 7:00 pm. Join us to learn about the plan for the new York Suburban Intermediate Center – a project merging Indian Rock Elementary and East York Elementary into a newly constructed school on the East York site. February 20, 2024 – Community Update Letter from Superintendent Dr. Krauser

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Project Update – January 2024

The Board and the public were provided with a comprehensive update on ongoing projects during the January 22 Board Meeting presentation. The session centered on the extensive renovations planned for the High School, incorporating discussions on a potential pool option within the existing natatorium space, as well as the overall design enhancements for the school. It’s important to note that the inclusion of a pool is a proposed option at this stage, and various design…

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Project Update – December 2023

Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors and community. Monthly updates occur at the second Board meeting in each month. With three new Board members who joined the team in December, Mr. Wentz reviewed the overall building design process and progress to date.  The presentation can be found here.   In the past month, the focus has remained primarily on the Intermediate Center to maximize…

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Intermediate Center Design Concept – November 2023

Concept for Intermediate Center design     On November 26, 2023, Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors. In the last month, representatives from the administration visited two sites with recent projects to help better understand sizing and a concept proposed for the Intermediate Center. Our design team met several times to refine a possible floor plan and site design to maximize field space on…

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Design Process and Schedule Update – October 2023

Mr. Wentz returned on October 23, 2023 to provide the monthly update for the Board of Directors. The teams working on programming and design needs have met three times to discuss the Intermediate Center and and other two times to review the high school programming needs. Mr. Wentz presented a revised timeline for the YSHS renovations that will better meet the extensive design process needed to meet the programming needs. This will also permit the…

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Design Process Update – September 2023

Design Process presented September 26   On September 26, 2023, Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update on the construction of an Intermediate Center and renovations to York Suburban High School. Both projects are in the design and planning phases. Mr. Wentz explained the design process and will be provide monthly updates for the Board of Directors and York Suburban Community. The update also included a preliminary timeline for construction of…

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Proposed Renovation and Construction Update – September 2023

Over the 2022-2023 school year, the York Suburban administration and the Board of School Directors continued a review of the needs of the District facilities and academic programs. This robust process included reviewing multiple studies completed over the past decade and looking at the current condition of buildings and the academic programs they support. Over months of review and discussion, the Board identified and prioritized criteria to evaluate against possible renovations and construction options that…

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Proposed Renovation and Construction Update – August 2023

The District has spent the last year revisiting the Future Focused Planning (FFP) work to address York Suburban School District’s facility and educational programming needs, along with the finances needed to address these.   For a comprehensive review of the work done to date, please refer to this document.   We invite you to explore the following links which encompass the detailed information that has been shared with the YSSD community throughout the entirety of…

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Summary of Future-Focused Plan Work – April 2022

Over the last decade, York Suburban School District has invested in a series of feasibility studies to assess our facilities and planned programming. These multiple studies showed a great need for changes to our aging facilities to meet the needs of our students and operate the necessary educational program. During the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years, Dr. Scott Krauser led the Board of Directors and the York Suburban community through an in-depth series of analyses…

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Summary of Efforts Before Future-Focused Planning (FFP) – April 2022

York Suburban School District had been discussing the facilities needs and concerns before the Future Focused Planning (FFP) initiative began. A timeline of this work can be found here.      

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