February Board Meeting and Community Meeting

Updated Site Plan

On February 26, Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors and community.

Updates on the second Intermediate School Advisory Committee meeting from January 29, which included a visual listening exercise, were shared. Additionally, an updated site plan for the Intermediate School was presented. The site survey was recently completed, causing revisions to the location of the building on the East York site. The result will be a complete separation of bus and car traffic and a reduced traffic impact on Erlen Drive. This site plan will continue to be refined.

In the Board update presentations, Mr. Wentz also shared that conversations continue regarding the two options for the High School pool. One option includes a newly renovated pool within the current pool location. The other option is a new pool within the site plan, repurposing the current pool location into planned program use.

On February 28, a personalized public engagement opportunity regarding the Intermediate School Project was held at East York Elementary School. After a presentation from Dr. Scott Krauser and Mr. Wentz, the draft designs, including floor plans, site plans, and three-dimensional modeling, were shared in an open-house format. Participants could engage with how the planned program will impact students, enhance safety experiences, and increase additional community use of the school and site. Also, participants could engage with the finance office to better understand the tax implications necessary for funding the Intermediate School, High School renovations, and additional 2-4 year capital projects. This station was available for taxpayers to ask specific questions regarding how the funding plan will affect them individually.

Board Meeting Presentation - February 26, 2024

Community Meeting Presentation - February 28, 2024