Attendance & Transportation Map

We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this map, especially near the district's borders. There are isolated instances when an address will appear to be in York Suburban when it's actually in another district. Please use this map for unofficial purposes only. If you need a definitive answer about whether your address is in York Suburban, look up the address using the York County Parcel Look Up tool⁠—located HERE⁠—or contact our Central Registration office at (717)885-1215.

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  1. By default, the Map identifies attendance zones for all grade levels. If you would like to select a specific grade level change the "Show Attendance Zone(s) for:" drop-down to the desired range.
  2. Enter your street address in the address field and click "GO".
  3. Your house will be plotted on the map
  4. An icon of a bus or walker will indicate that the address is in the attendance zone for that building. If you are in the walking zone, a walker will apppear. If not, a bus will appear.
  5. You can zoom in using the control on the left of the map.