YSHS Profile Monday, July 23, 2018 - Next School Day is Cycle Day 6 on August 22

Superintendent's Message

York Suburban School District.  A Community of Encouragement.  A Culture of Excellence.

Our tagline speak volumes about who we are and how we operate as a district.  York Suburban is very much a community, comprised of our students and alumni as well as their families, current staff and retirees, and all those who live within the district.  No matter the extent of their involvement with York Suburban, these people define our community.  This community provides endless support and encouragement for our students.  The York Suburban community does "whatever it takes" to support our students.  Indeed, we are A Community of Encouragement.

This strong community is enhanced by a rich tradition of success.  York Suburban boasts sixty years of high academic achievement while preparing students for success in all aspects of life.  One can sense the culture of high expectations at all levels.  The district has repeatedly been recognized at the national level, in the top 3% of all public schools, for the many accomplishments of our high school students.  It takes an entire community to earn such high accolades.  Indeed, we are A Culture of Excellence.

It is our responsibility to ensure that every student receives the necessary support to meet the high expectations set forth by the district.

We are proud of our long standing reputation for academic excellence.  In partnership with the community, we will continue to build upon this strong foundation.