Saturday, November 17, 2018 - Next School Day is Cycle Day 6 on November 19

School Board of Directors

The York Suburban School Board of Directors

The York Suburban School Board invites you to be a partner in education. We seek your input as we strive to provide the atmosphere and opportunity for academic excellence.


Standing (left to right): Richard M. Robinson, Corinne Mason (Secretary), Steven P. Scalet, Ellen Freireich, Michael J. Thoman, James R. Sanders, Kenneth H. Watts, Timothy P. Williams (Superintendent), Seated (left to right): Joel L. Sears (Treasurer), John H. Posenau (President), Lois Ann Schroeder (Vice President), Lauren Guyer (Student Representative)

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Board Member's Email

John Posenau, President
Term expires 2019

Lois Ann Schroeder, Vice-President
Term expires 2019

Ellen Freireich
Term expires 2021

Richard Robinson
Term expires 2019

James Sanders
Term expires 2021

Steven Scalet
Term expires 2021

Joel Sears, Treasurer
Term expires 2019

Michael Thoman
Term expires 2019

Kenneth Watts
Term expires 2021

Welcome New and Re-Elected Board Members!

Four citizens of the York Suburban School District took the oath of office Monday evening, December 4, to serve as school board directors for the next four years. Mr. James Sanders, Mr. Steven Scalet, and Mr. Kenneth Watts, joined re-elected board member Mrs. Ellen Freireich, in volunteering their services to the students, families, and staff of the district. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Scalet, and Mr. Watts currently have children attending our schools and value the quality educational programs, services, and opportunities provided by the York Suburban School District. Mrs. Freireich saw her children graduate from YSHS well prepared for life after high school and maintains a high level of commitment and involvement in all facets of the school district - both curricular and extracurricular.

The new board members bring a wealth of professional experiences to the school board.They have owned their own businesses, worked in higher education, practice law, worked in local government and for a local not-for-profit organization. Their personal experiences in education, business, and government will enable them to provide valuable input for the functions of school board, including setting policy, building a fiscally-sound budget, and hiring and working with a new superintendent.

Please join me in thanking these individuals for making a commitment to serve the York Suburban community.

York Suburban School Board Statement of Principles

Pennsylvania school boards are committed to providing every student the opportunity grow and achieve.  The actions taken by the board ultimately have both short and long-term impact in the classroom.  Therefore, school directors collectively and individually will . . .

Advocate Earnestly

  • Promote public education as a keystone of democracy
  • Engage the community by seeking input, building support networks and generating action
  • Champion public education by engaging members of local, state and federal legislative bodies

Lead Responsibly

  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in Board meetings
  • Work together in a spirit of harmony, respect and cooperation
  • Participate in professional development, training and Board retreats
  • Collaborate with the Superintendent as the Team of 10

Govern Effectively

  • Adhere to an established set of rules and procedures for Board operations
  • Develop, adopt, revise and review policy
  • Align decisions to policy
  • Differentiate between governance and management, delegating management tasks to administration
  • Allocate finances and resources
  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws

Plan Thoughtfully

  • Adopt and implement a collaborative comprehensive planning process, including regular reviews
  • Set annual goals that are aligned with the comprehensive plan
  • Develop a financial plan that anticipates both short and long-term needs
  • Formulate a master facilities plan conducive to teaching and learning

Evaluate Continuously

  • Utilize appropriate data to make informed decisions
  • Use effective practices for the evaluation of the Superintendent
  • Assess student growth and achievement
  • Review effectiveness of the comprehensive plan

Communicate Clearly

  • Promote open, honest and respectful dialogue among the Board, staff and community
  • Encourage input and support for the District from the school community
  • Protect confidentiality
  • Honor the sanctity of executive session

Act Ethically

  • Never use the position for improper benefit to self or others
  • Act to avoid actual of perceived conflicts of interest
  • Recognize the absence of authority outside of the collective Board
  • Respect the role, authority and input of the Superintendent
  • Balance the responsibility to provide educational programs with being stewards of community resources
  • Abide by the majority decision

Board Policy 011

2017 - 2018 District Goals

Goal 1 
Research, develop, and implement programs to support the diverse academic needs of all students.

Goal 2
Research the mental health needs of all students and develop and implement programs to address the needs.

Goal 3
Develop, implement, and enhance District cultural practices and programs to create a more inclusive community.

Goal 4
Implement specific strategies to ensure student academic growth and achievement.

Goal 5
With an emphasis on fiscal responsibility, the District will develop and implement enhancements in human resources, technology infrastructure, and facilities to support student success.