Project Update – December 2023

Site View 12 2023

Mr. Seth Wentz of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates presented the monthly update to the Board of Directors and community. Monthly updates occur at the second Board meeting in each month. With three new Board members who joined the team in December, Mr. Wentz reviewed the overall building design process and progress to date.  The presentation can be found here.


In the past month, the focus has remained primarily on the Intermediate Center to maximize the site at East York. Four of the six proposed Authentic Learning Labs were eliminated, leaving two of these spaces. This lowers the overall proposed square footage from the November meeting.  



In January, the York Suburban team will be working on design development documents and modeling, as well as continuing to refine the site and building layout. There may be equipment on site at East York to begin some investigative testing of the area and communication will be coming to notify the community.