York Suburban Athletics Facebook Account Update

We have unfortunate news regarding the York Suburban Athletics Facebook Account (@YSAthletics). On Friday morning, we noticed posts on the page that did not originate from the District. Upon further investigation, we discovered that school district staff had been removed from managing the account and could no longer post content or remove posts.

We immediately contacted Facebook to notify them of what was occurring and asked for their assistance. We hoped Facebook would be able to return ownership to us promptly. Unfortunately, that has not yet occurred despite following best practices for reporting a hacked account and regaining control.

We delayed a message to our school community because we knew it would increase traffic and engagement to the account, thus motivating the hackers and making it more difficult for us to resume control. However, the content of the posts has become more random and less appropriate for a school-affiliated account, so it is now necessary for the District to separate from the account and make everyone aware that it is no longer affiliated with the York Suburban School District. Furthermore, any posts, messages, or updates made by the account since May 31, did not come from District staff and should not be trusted.

How You Can Help

  • Join us in reporting the @YSAthletics Page as a Fake Page. Directions on how to do that can be found by clicking here.
  • Unfollow the @YSAthletics Facebook Page and do not engage with posts.
  • Delete any direct messages you receive from @YSAthletics on Facebook.

While we continue to work with Facebook, we recommend visiting https://ystrojans.org, York Suburban Athletics' Instagram account (@ysathletics), or the District's official Facebook page (@yorksuburban) for important athletic updates.

Thank you in advance for your help. We apologize for any confusion or concern this hack may have caused.


Scott T. Krauser, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools