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Athletic Venues
Event Entrance Policy
Fan Behavior Expectations
Ticket Prices
Golden Passes


Athletic Venues
High School Campus
1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403

  • Main gym
  • Auxiliary gym
  • Baseball field
  • Tennis courts
  • Stadium field
  • Trojan field
  • High School cross country course

Middle School Campus
455 Sundale Drive, York, PA  17402

  • Softball field
  • Gym
  • Main field
  • Middle School cross country course

Regents’ Glen Golf Course
1000 Golf Club Drive, York, PA 17403


Event Entrance Policy
In an effort to promote positive student and fan participation in a safe environment:

  • All non-High School students (kindergarten – 8th grade) MUST be accompanied by an adult to gain entry into any athletic event.
  • The adult accompanying the school student(s) is responsible for the behavior and well-being of the student(s) for the duration of the athletic event.
  • All YS students receive free admittance into athletic events (High School and Middle School students should be prepared to show their current school ID). Football – enter at the Small Ticket Booth; Basketball – enter through the center hall gym entrance no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time; wrestling – any entrance; swimming – obtain a free “ticket”; no re-entry.


Fan Behavior Expectations
The York Suburban Administration and Athletic Department want all fans attending sporting events to enjoy the contests. Middle and High school athletics provide an opportunity for the school and the community to come together to support the teams that represent our school district. With this in mind, we expect that all fans will treat all players, coaches, officials, and each other respectfully. Rude and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Any fan who demonstrates rude or disrespectful behavior will be asked to leave so others may enjoy the contest.


Ticket Prices*
Adults (64 and under) – $5.00
YSSD Senior Citizens (65+) with Golden Pass – FREE
Senior Citizens (65+) – $3.00
Non-YSSD Students – $1.00
YSSD Students (ID required for HS and MS students) – FREE

*Post-season events are priced by the entity organizing the event.


Golden Passes
York Suburban School District offers a free admission card (Golden Pass) to any person residing in the district who is sixty-five (65) years of age or older. The Golden Pass entitles these individuals to free admission to all activities of the York Suburban School District. Activities that are held in/on district facilities that are not sponsored by the district are not eligible for free admission. To obtain a Golden Pass, visit the High School Main Office during regular business hours with proof of residency.