Trojan Theatre performs final show of the year this weekend

The cast and crew of "Almost, Maine"
The cast and crew of “Almost, Maine.”

By Jeanne Lefort

This weekend is Trojan Theatre’s final show of the year. They chose to perform “Almost, Maine.” Director Mrs. Mitchell says this play is different from any they’ve done before.

“Each of the scenes only has two, maybe three actors in it at a time. So it’s advantageous to us because we can focus on that particular skill of only having maybe one other scene partner. Whereas we’ve done a lot of shows recently that’s more an ensemble cast, you have eight, you have nine, ten people on the stage at one time all trying to act and react off of each other. It’s just a different skill to only do that with one other person.”

“Almost, Maine,” written by John Cariani, explores love and loss through nine little stories. Every story is very metaphorical and poetic, and everyone can find their own meaning. It’s the reason why director’s assistant Hannah Kuhn says you should go see the show. 

“It’s one of those shows that just makes you feel good while you watch it because while not all of them have the happiest of endings, they’re all these love stories that you can kind of lose yourself in and really see yourself in these characters.”

The last two shows are at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets are available online or at the door.

I’m Jeanne Lefort, Trojan News.