Dress code revisions coming next school year

Student wears a shirt that protests dress code
Sienna Gaskin, President of the YSHS Feminist Club, wearing a shirt meant to criticize the dress code on Confidence Day

By Bethany Landis

School dress codes have received many criticisms throughout the years. There’s a lot of controversy over the idea of telling students what they can and can’t wear. Most of this controversy is related to how dress codes seem to target girls.

Mr. Lantz agrees that this is problematic. “I view it as incredibly sexist. It’s something that overwhelmingly affects one gender over the other.”

Ms. Reider also agrees with that interpretation of the dress code. She’s happy things are starting to change. “I’m so glad that we are asking the why and making appropriate changes loosening some stringent rules that targeted women and girls especially.”

The purpose of the dress code shouldn’t be to dictate what students can and can’t wear. 

Superintendent Dr. Krauser has a different view as to what the dress code is for. “The most important part when we think about the reason why we have a dress code is number one, safety.”

Almost two years ago a group of parents, administrators, teachers, and students met to review the district code of conduct. At this meeting, the focus shifted from the code of conduct as a whole to the dress code specifically. This led to the creation of a dress code committee.

This committee has worked hard to create a more widely accepted dress code. They had to keep in mind things like state policies that regulate what rules a school can and can’t enforce when it comes to dress codes.

While it’s not possible to share the specifics at this time, staff and students are excited for the coming changes. 

Mr. Lantz is glad they’re revising the dress code. “I’m happy they’re making changes.”

Students are also glad. Senior Sienna Gaskin sums up the opinion of students rather nicely. “I just feel like it’s moving in the right direction.”

Ultimately, Ms. Reider hopes that the changes to the dress code empower students. “I hope that it just gives students that sense of confidence. That’s really what I want to see in my students and if what you’re wearing gives you more confidence in the classroom then I’m all for it.”

More information about a new pilot dress code will be shared closer to the start of next school year.

I’m Bethany Landis, Trojan News.