Class of 2024 gets “senior” privileges

York Suburban High School parking lot
York Suburban High School parking lot

By Alana Herman

At the start of the fourth marking period, the juniors were granted a new set of privileges. They can now leave school during their study halls and Flex every day.

These privileges are very similar to senior privileges, which has caused conflict between the classes. Last year, the current seniors only had Flex Fridays during the fourth marking period.

Senior Piper Stuart believes junior privileges should have been implemented in a more subtle way. 

“I do not think the juniors should have privileges as similar to what the seniors deserve to have. I think they deserve fourth marking period, they can go home during Flex every day, but I don’t think they get study halls and lunches. I think that’s too far.”

While some seniors might be disappointed with the expansion to junior privileges, assistant principal Dr. Adams shares the reason behind the changes.

“We wanted to extend the opportunity for students to have a goal to work towards, so we changed junior privileges so that there was more opportunity for them to have to want something so that they could hopefully work towards earning something more than just Flex Fridays in the fourth marking period.”

Junior Donovan Molloy agrees that privileges should be something that students have to earn.

“I’d say some people have earned the chance to have them, but I feel like some people have definitely earned the chance to have them taken away from them. So it makes sense that they’re privileges and not given.” 

Since most juniors and seniors can drive, they’re also able to use their privileges similarly. Chessa Frolio explains how her driver’s license has positively affected her experience with junior privileges. 

“I use them every day. I go home and I eat lunch because my study hall is in the middle of the day.”

The privilege to leave school during these periods only benefits students who have somewhere to go and the ability to get there. If they don’t report to study hall or Flex, there aren’t many other places for students to hang out in the building. The senior lounge is still reserved for the seniors.

Chessa says if she didn’t have a car, she wouldn’t use her privileges. Why? 

“’Cause I wouldn’t be able to leave and go home.” 

Despite the fact that the expansion to junior privileges hasn’t been received well by many current seniors, Dr. Adams says there may be more privileges to come. “We’d actually like to do it even into the ninth and tenth grade years because again, when students have something that they’re working toward, oftentimes grades are better, behavior’s better, and we start to get them into the routine of what senior privileges are all about.”

If these changes are made, it’ll be interesting to see how underclassmen who can’t drive utilize their privileges if there is nowhere to go.

I’m Alana Herman, Trojan News.