YS students showcase their talent at this school year’s final art show

Student ceramics
Mrs. Geiple’s students showcase their pottery and ceramics in the art wing

By Crystal Huynh

On Wednesday, May 24th, York Suburban High School held its final art show for the school year. 

About 350 students contributed pieces to this event, from abstract sculptures to practical designs. People across York County gathered at the high school until 7 p.m. to see what students created in their art and technology classes this year.

Art teacher Karen Fornadel explained that it is relatively easy for students to qualify and participate in the show.

“The portfolio show is an opportunity for every student that has an art elective class during the semester to exhibit their artwork for the school and the rest of the community to come and see.”

She also says that the event hasn’t changed much in recent years. While the show may change in terms of size, she says it’s important to keep the shows consistent. 

“We’ve been doing it for quite a number of years. One of the reasons why we haven’t changed it is we think it’s a great way for kids to just see their growth over time so that they can look at their artwork as a group instead of one unit at a time.”

Members of the YS art department actively help and encourage students to continuously explore their style and improve. 

Jeanne LeFort, a foreign exchange student from France, attended the event. It was the second YS art show she went to this year. She claims the art show provides student artists with more motivation to improve. 

“It can make people want to do art and get involved in a class, in an art class much more.” 

Jeanne also believes in the art show’s importance for artists within the YS community. 

“It gives all the students that work a goal—something to accomplish and a good occasion to show what they’ve done the whole year.”

One of those students is Chau Pham. She’s a senior member of the National Art Honors Society and has taken art classes at the high school every year. Her ceramics were on display at the art show. Chau argues the art community needs more credit, and the art shows give them just that.

“It’s one of the only ways we get any recognition… The sports, they get a lot of recognition and our music department gets recognition, but for art, we don’t get as much recognition.”

The next YS art show is scheduled for this fall. Students will once again get a chance to show off their creative skills.

I’m Crystal Huynh, Trojan News.