Girls volleyball has another successful season

Captains Aiva Duerr, Addy Hocker, and Kiley Long
Captains Aiva Duerr, Addy Hocker, and Kiley Long. Photo credit: Carter Weems

By Francesca Messina and Sophia Quintero

Aiva Duerr, Kiley Long, and Addy Hocker are the captains of the girls volleyball team. Last year, they had a great season and finished fourth in districts. 

But many of their strongest players have graduated. Aiva was worried about how this season would go since most players are freshmen and sophomores.

“We thought we’d be way more behind and that it would be like a rebuilding season, but we’re proving ourselves, I think.”

Kiley agreed.

“I think what we’re lacking is just the knowledge of playing varsity and the experience.”

Before the season ended, all three captains shared their goal of returning to districts. But they weren’t sure if they would beat their biggest rival, West York. They won their first game against West York 3 to 1. By no surprise, they also won their second game against West York 3 to 2. They ended the regular season undefeated. 

Addy feels they were successful because of the relationship all the girls have with each other. She shares that positive aspect of the team.

“I think our team is really good with their energy and building each other up and pushing each other to be the best we can.”

Last week, they accomplished their goal and made it to districts. Even though they lost in the opening round, they still generated good energy. They worked together and have a lot to be proud of.

Overall, they met Aiva’s definition of success.

“If we all just enjoy what we’re doing, no matter how far we go in the season, that’s successful.”

I’m Francesca Messina, and I’m Sophia Quintero, and this is Trojan News.