How Impact Foundation supports families facing food insecurity

Impact Foundation

By Sabiya Neuman and Lilli Baker “You never think it’s going to be you until it actually is.”  That’s what Jamie, a single mom of two, says she wishes more people knew about food insecurity. There are many people like Jamie who struggle to provide for themselves and their families. According to Feeding America, 1…

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The impact of TikTok

As soon as the bell rang to end lunch, students were on their phones checking TikTok.

By Jade Boger Izzy is a senior at York Suburban. She says in her free time, she’s either hanging out with friends, sleeping, or using TikTok.  “This week alone, I’ve used TikTok in total of sixteen hours and nine minutes.” The Pew Research Center reports that two-thirds of teens use TikTok, and some say they…

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What students of color experience at YS

Cine' (left) and Kelis (right)

By Cine’ Stevenson My name is Cine’ Stevenson. I’m a Black student at York Suburban High School. Overall my time at the high school has been good, but because of my race, I’ve had some experiences that have stuck with me. In an English class my junior year, we had the vocab word “snigger,” which…

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Immigrant students’ perspectives on mental health

Angelina (left) and Kateshia (right) wearing festive headbands for a school spirit day

By Veronica Mina York Suburban High School senior Angelina and her family immigrated to the United States in 2021 from the Dominican Republic.  They came to the U.S. because of her father’s work situation. He quit his job before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He couldn’t find another job there, but he found one…

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Do students really know their post-high school options?

The Senior Destinations display for the Class of 2023

By Jacob Drahusz and Brian Kivel At this time of year, college letters are beginning to flood students’ mailboxes, and seniors are focusing more on their post-high school plans. But is college the only option? Hannah Drahusz is a junior in college. She wants to become a science teacher. She talks about how college is…

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The fashion choices of YS students

From left to right: Daniel Paz in a t-shirt and sweatpants, Kyra Hughley in a crop top and jeans, and Sage Primavera in a hoodie and baggy jeans

By Jackie Collins This year, a new dress code pilot has given students more freedom with what they wear. It allows more rips in jeans, crop tops, spaghetti straps and more. But has the dress code really changed what most students wear? Or are their fashion choices about more than just the dress code?   Kyra…

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Why teens should start investing

Students working in Mr. Willson's class

By Ben Lamond and Henry Busse CNBC reported that around 54% of teens are worried about having enough money for the future. Investing their money can help. But many teens don’t know where to start, how to start, or just simply don’t understand investing as a whole.    If you invest in a company’s stock, you…

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How YS student athletes balance school and sports

Senior Cine' Stevenson in her tennis uniform holding a tennis racquet

By Jalen Lee Senior Cine’ Stevenson is an accomplished student athlete. She runs track and plays tennis for the high school. But she also takes mostly college prep classes. She talks about how tiring this can be. “After a tennis match or a track meet or even just practice because my practices are so intense,…

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Student athletes experience burnout

Student athletes Kai Pinto (top left), Lena Englerth (top right), and Chase Gerber (bottom right)

By Greenleigh Beaghan and Amaya Miller Sophomore Chase Gerber has been playing soccer since elementary school. He plays for York Suburban and for a club team. Playing the same sport almost all year was hard for him as a freshman. “I’d go from playing soccer at the school, practicing every day a week then going…

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Boys soccer team looks to the future

Seniors on the boys' soccer team

By Olivia Delgado and Creelyn Bastinelli The York Suburban boys soccer team won the county championship last year. Brayden Egger, Jackson Miller and Preston Illgenfritz also won the national championship with their club team this past summer season.  Brayden thought their experience would be a strength. “I definitely think the experience that me, Jackson, and…

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