Report Suspected Child Abuse (Act 126)

1.  Call Childline (1-800-932-0313), Followed by completion of a CY-47 available from the school nurse, and Fax the CY-47 to York County Children and Youth (Fax Number:  717-771-9884), OR 2.  Report electronically at:

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Review your Referees Promptly

Ref with flag

***** Please remember to review the referees for your events promptly.  *****     If you need the link to review your referees, please contact the head coach for your sport.

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Fall 2018 Coaches Meeting

The Fall 2018 Coaches Meeting will be held on 8/8/18 in Room 121 at YSHS (5:30pm-6:30pm).  All paid and volunteer coaches are required to attend.  If you can not attend, please contact the Athletic Director to set up another time to catch up on the meeting content.

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