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Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - Next School Day is Cycle Day 1 on August 20


Contact Information

Reliance Student Transportation: (717)714-2139 x0

YSSD Transportation Department: (717)885-1131,

Important Transportation Information

  • Before the start of the school year, communication will be mailed to the home of each student. This mail will list the bus number, bus stop, and pickup/drop off times assigned to each student. If this information contains an error, please call Reliance Student Transportation.
  • All pickup and drop off times are estimated. Actual arrival times can vary depending on weather, traffic, construction, and other conditions beyond the driver's control. The district considers a bus "on time" if it arrives at the bus stop up to five minutes earlier or five minutes later than the time given to you by Reliance Student Transportation. Please have students waiting at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the estimated morning arrival time.
  • At the beginning of each school year there will be a blackout period during which no transportation changes will be made. This period includes the week before school starts and the first week of school, and it is designed to ensure that the transportation at the beginning of the school year goes as smoothly as possible. All change requests received during the blackout period will be addressed after the blackout has ended.
  • All students will be assigned to the bus stop closest to their home address. Door-to-door transportation is not available except in specific situations when a student lives directly on a hazardous roadway. Requests for door-to-door pickup and drop off cannot be granted.
  • When a bus is known to be running more than ten minutes late, a recorded phone call will be sent to the parents of the students on the bus to inform them of the situation. If you believe a bus is running more than ten minutes late but you have not received a phone call, contact Reliance Student Transportation to inquire about the bus's status.
  • Kindergarten students will not be allowed to exit a bus unless there is a parent or guardian waiting at the bus stop. Bus drivers will allow 1st through 12th graders to exit the bus if there is not a parent/guardian at the bus stop. Parents/guardians should make sure that students know what to do if they are dropped off and no parent/guardian is present.
  • All flex requests (situations requiring the use of more than one bus or bus stop during the week) must be submitted in writing before they will be considered for approval. Flex stops are approved on a case-by-case basis and must meet certain criteria.
  • Schedules that alternate or change from week to week cannot be accomodated except in very specific custody cases.
  • The activity buses run on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and they use predetermined stops located at strategic areas throughout the District. The buses will not deviate from these stops. If your student will be using the activity bus, please arrange for an adult to be at the bus stop or discuss with your child the route by which they should walk home from the stop. The activity bus routes and stops can be viewed by using the provided links.
  • All students who want to ride an activity bus must obtain a new pass from the appropriate teacher or Administrator each day. Upon entering the bus, they will be asked to sign-in and select the stop at which they will need to exit.
  • Students living in their school's walk zone are not eligible for bus transportation. All York Suburban schools have a walk zone except for Indian Rock Elementary. A map of each walk zone can be viewed using the provided link.
  • Students will only be picked up and dropped off at locations within their school's attendance zone. These locations must be either the student's home, babysitter, or daycare.
  • Requests for the addition of a bus stop or the move of a current stop will only be approved by the District if specific criteria are met. The majority of requests cannot be granted.
  • Students must ride the bus to which they are assigned. The temporary use of another bus will only be approved in an emergency situation (e.g. illness/death in the family or parents/guardians unexpectedly out of town) and must be approved in advance. Contact the YSSD Transportation Department to request a temporary bus assignment for your child.
  • Students may temporarily use a different bus stop along the route of their regularly assigned bus if the situation is approved in advance. These requests must be submitted in writing to the appropriate administrator for approval.
  • It is the District's practice to never assign a bus stop within 250 feet of a registered sex offender's place of residence or employment. Exceptions will not be considered unless moving the stop would present hazardous walking conditions for the student(s).