Stadium Access

Obtaining an Access Badge

York Suburban School District's residents are eligible to purchase a stadium/track access badge for $5.00. This fee grants the user access for one school year (July 1-June 30). Access may be renewed for each subsequent school year at the cost of $5.00. For more information about how to obtain a badge, please click on the link below.

Stadium/Track Guidelines, Procedures & Waiver/Release

Common Questions

Why is the facility locked?
The facility is locked to provide a secure teaching environment for all of our students. The access schedule is also designed to prevent vandalism and inappropriate use of the stadium.

Why is an annual fee necessary?
The $5 fee is to help offset the expense of access renovation and the addition of the electronic security system. Rather than pass on the expense to all taxpayers, only the users will be charged the access fee. York Suburban is committed to providing an open facility for the use of our community and is the only district to offer such broad access.