Trojan Online Pathways (TOP)

Students Currently Enrolled in YSSD

If you completed the student commitment survey in August 2020 and indicated that your child will attend TOP, the TOP application will be emailed to you. After completing the application, your child will be enrolled.

After August 8, 2020, If you wish to transfer your child to Trojan Online Pathways (TOP), please contact your child's current guidance counselor or principal. He/she will supply you with the Trojan Online Pathways application.

Students Not Yet Enrolled in YSSD

Students must first be registered with York Suburban School District before they can attend Trojan Online Pathways (TOP). Please click HERE to learn more about the enrollment process and to begin a new student application.

After completing the enrollment, you will have the opportunity to speak with a guidance counselor to determine if Trojan Online Pathways is right for you and your child. Afterward, you will be supplied with the Trojan Online Pathways application if it's determined to be a good fit.