Process for Electronic Public Comments is Formalized

October 25, 2021

During the Planning Committee meeting on October 11, 2021, President Posenau announced the formalization of a process for submitting electronic public comments. Going forward, public comments prior to a meeting of the whole board may be submitted using the form at the bottom of each meeting's agenda. The submission form will be removed from the agenda at the conclusion of each meeting, but the comments will remain. The link to each upcoming agenda will be available on this page; links are typically posted on the Friday prior to each meeting. Comments will continue to be accepted by those attending in person.

Electronic submissions of public comments will not be accepted prior to committee meetings, but in-person comments are still encouraged. Additionally, please take note of the following language that will appear immediately above the comment submission area for meetings of the whole board.

Public comments for this meeting may be made in person or submitted electronically using the form at the bottom of this page. Electronic correspondence submitted using a method other than the form on this page will not be considered public comment.

Form submissions will be shown below and automatically shared with the Board of School Directors for its members to read and consider. Submissions will also be included in the meeting’s minutes, but they will not be read aloud at the meeting or shown on screen unless it is necessary to do so in order to accommodate a disability.

Comments submitted after 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the day of a Board meeting might not be seen by all Board members prior to action being taken on agenda-related items. However, they will still be reviewed and considered after the fact. We encourage all comments to be submitted as early as possible to avoid this scenario.

York Suburban School District does not moderate electronically submitted public comments prior to them appearing on this page. However, the District reserves the right to remove any comments that are egregiously offensive or fail to meet the requirements outlined in Board Policy #903.

Questions about this process can be directed to Mr. Nick Staab at or (717) 885-1122.