Facilities Rental

Thank you for your interest in renting our District Facilities.  Please read the following information for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: No organized groups are permitted to use the school district's Athletic Fields or Indoor Facilities without prior approval.

All requests by community groups to use district facilities must be made at least three weeks prior to the event date,
are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and district/district-related groups are given priority over external groups.

Please review our board policy for more information.

To check on availability, please complete the appropriate application form below and send in at least three weeks prior to the event date:

Application for Rental of Indoor Facilities

Application for Rental of Outdoor Facilities

Rental Fee Rates are based on an organization's category designation.

Explanation of Categories

Rental Fee Rates  (new rates posted July 1st of each year)

A 501(c) is required as proof of non-profit status.

*In addition to the Facility Rental fees, renters may also pay Custodial, Lighting, Stage Technician, and other fees associated with the rental.

Rental fees do not include use of district-owned equipment unless specified in the contract.


If your request is approved, you will be sent a Rental Contract to be signed by two officials of your organization.

The contract will then be signed by the YSSD Board Secretary, and a fully-executed contract will be returned to you.

You will be invoiced a few days after your event. Payment is due upon receipt and no later than 30 days after the invoice date.

Board Policy requires the lessee to furnish a Certificate of Insurance ($1,000,000 minimum liability coverage) listing "York Suburban School District" as Additional Insured.

This certificate must be submitted before the Rental Contract will be signed by the district.


For questions or additional information, please contact:

Administrative Assistant for Facilities/Ed Center
1800 Hollywood Drive
York, PA 17403
Phone:  717-885-1210
Fax:   717-885-1212


Parking is NOT permitted in the church parking lots that are surrounded by the York Suburban High School Campus.

Thank you for your consideration of Luther Memorial Lutheran Church's property.

Access to the Stadium is restricted.

If you are renting the Stadium,
please be sure to request key access.

  • There is a deposit of $25 due for the first key and then a $10/key deposit due for each additional key.
  • The deposit can be in the form of a check or cash.
  • We'll hold the check until the end of the season.  If the keys are all returned, your check will be returned to you.  If any of the keys are not returned, the check will be cashed and a refund will be made to you in the amount of $10/key returned.
  • Keys will open Gate #8.  To access Gate #8, enter through the open gate to the left of the small ticket booth/handicapped access.