Final Update from Board Regarding Superintendent Search

May 13, 2022

Dear YSSD Parents, Students, Staff, and Community:

On Monday, May 9, the Board of School Directors voted to appoint Dr. Scott Krauser as the next Superintendent of York Suburban School District for a four-year term beginning July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2026.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the process. The input of the community was instrumental in guiding our candidate review and final selection. As promised, now that our Superintendent has been identified, please find below a focus group summary and the associated overarching themes that emerged from the focus group discussions and were captured by the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

A total of 11 focus groups were scheduled with teachers, support staff, administrators, high school students, district-affiliated groups, parents/guardians, and community-at-large. Based on participant comments and discussion, the following 11 themes were identified and supported in the focus groups as follows. A topic was classified as a theme if it was discussed in five or more of the focus groups. An additional four areas of concern were noted by one or more but less than five of the focus groups.

Focus Groups – 8 audiences, 11 total focus groups

      • Support Staff (2)
      • Professional Staff – Elementary
      • Professional Staff – Secondary
      • Administrators
      • High School Students
      • District-Affiliated Groups (HSA, Foundation, Boosters)
      • Parents/Guardians (2)
      • Community-at-Large (2)

Central Themes

      • Communicates with all stakeholders and is visible (8/8)
      • Able to unify staff, students, parents, and community; build morale (7/8)
      • Understands how to create and maintain a quality educational culture (7/8)
      • Understands, values, respects and is invested in the community and the culture of the district (6/8)
      • Models integrity, trust, and respect (6/8)
      • Courage of convictions (6/8)
      • Strategic thinker (6/8)
      • Prioritization of Staff Hiring/Retention (6/8)
      • Experienced school leader/educator (5/8)
      • Holistic approach to education (5/8)
      • Visionary leader (5/8)

Topics that emerged but are not classified as themes

      • Demonstrated financial and fiduciary responsibility (4/8)
      • Able to manage resources and facilities across the district (4/8)
      • Student-centered (3/8)
      • Board management skills (1/8)

We are excited to begin working with Dr. Krauser as our next Superintendent of Schools and appreciate your continued support. As always, if you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact Board President John Posenau at

Board of School Directors
York Suburban School District