PA TSA Conference Results

April 25, 2023

From Wednesday to Saturday of last week, Mr. Shearer and a group of 19 YS students participated in the PA TSA Conference, with impressive results. Among them, 14 were selected as finalists, and 4 of these finalists placed third in their respective categories. Furthermore, 7 of our students demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise, qualifying to advance to the National TSA Conference.

Congratulations to the following YS Students:

(* indicates student qualified for National TSA Conference)

Third Place: *Jesse Martin, Extemporaneous Presentation *Emma Ehrlich & Mia Parkes, Forensic Science *Emma Ehrlich, Mia Parkes, Olivia Sarsfield, & Sophia Scalet, On Demand Video *Jesse Martin & Noah Youcheff, Structural Design & Engineering

Fourth Place: Alex Heisey, CAD Architecture Lucas Baldin, Elliot Keney, Nick Wilt, R/C Off-Road Racing Olivia Sarsfield, Safety Illustration

Fifth Place: Steven Yao, Data Science & Analytics Neil Oestereich, Flight Endurance

Sixth Place: Jesse Martin & Noah Youcheff, Debating Technological Issues *Sophia Scalet, Photographic Technology

Seventh Place: Olivia Sarsfield & Noah Youcheff, Fashion Design & Technology

Ninth Place: Franshellie Gomez, Anthony Khuc, & Noah Youcheff, Video Game Design


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