Celebrating Success at the 46th Annual PA TSA Conference!

April 22, 2024

Last week, Mr. Shearer and 26 talented YS students united with more than 2,000 students and advisors from across the state at the 46th Annual PA TSA Conference. We had four teams that were TOP 10 Finalists in their event:

On Demand Video: Emma Ehrlich, Sophia Scalet, Franshellie Gomez, Caitlyn Parkes, Ryan Beschler, and Clarence Cashour

Cybersecurity: Wilson Hum, Franshellie Gomez, Bella Hummel, Kara Titter

Music Production: Ryan Beschler, Maple Gallo, Bella Hummel

Flight Endurance: Carter Gingrich

Additionally, Neil Oestereich clinched the gold medal in the Flight Endurance competition this year! Congratulations to all our participants for their outstanding achievements!

2024 PA TSA Conference