York Suburban Board Of School Directors
Regular Monthly Meeting
May 23, 2022 – 7 p.m.
York Suburban High School – Cafeteria


  1. General Business
    1. Call to Order – Mr. Posenau, Board President
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      2. Roll Call
      3. A reminder to please silence your cell phone during the meeting.
      4. Public Comments
        1. All comments and questions will be addressed to the President. Board and staff members will not normally respond to comments or questions during the meeting unless recognized by the President for this purpose. Comments will be limited, at the discretion of the President, to five minutes or less.
      5. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes
        1. Approval of the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting conducted on May 9, 2022. [Approval as submitted/corrected]
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Sears
    1. Consent Agenda: Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items. [Roll Call Vote]
      1. Approval of Financial Reports as of April 30, 2022. [File for audit]
        1. Treasurer’s Reports
        2. General Fund Revenue Report
        3. General Fund Expenditure Report
        4. Summary Reports
          1. Capital Project, Capital Reserve, Food Service
        5. Check Summary Reports
          1. General Fund, Food Service, Capital Project, Capital Reserve
        6. General Input Budget Transfers
        7. Student Activities Fund Revenue Report
        8. Student Activities Fund Expenditure Report
  3. Board President’s Report – Mr. Posenau
    1. The Board met in Executive Session for the purpose of discussing legal matters at 6:30 p.m. on May 23, 2022, as permitted by Section 707 of the Sunshine Act. No official action was taken.
    2. Recognition of the Board’s 2021-22 student representative, Ms. Neave Casey
  4. Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Williams
    1. Administrative Report
      1. Dr. Fuhrman, EYES Principal
      2. Dr. Snedden, YSMS Principal
  5. Business Office Report – Mrs. Ciaciulli
    1. Consent Agenda: You have before you the Business Office Report. Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, I ask that a motion be made to approve the below-mentioned items. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
      1. The Administration recommends the Board approve the service agreement with 95% Group to implement support of professional development and materials to assist teachers in improving reading achievement. The amount is not to exceed $2,000.
      2. The Administration recommends the Board approve the tuition agreement with High Roads of Southern York to provide special education services for the 2022 extended school year. The cost will not exceed $4,833.
      3. The Administration recommends the Board approve the service contract with Sunbelt Blazer Works to provide a speech language pathologist for the 2022 extended school year program at the per hour rate of $65.00.
      4. The Administration recommends the Board approve the service contract with Sunbelt Blazer Works to provide nursing services for the 2022 extended school year program at the per hour rate of $60.00.
      5. The Administration recommends the Board approve the Assistant Business Manager as an alternate delegate for the York County Tax Collection Committee in accordance with Act 32 § 505(b).
      6. The Administration recommends the Board approve the renewal agreement with STS effective July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2024. The renewal agreement does not reflect a rate increase.
      7. The Administration recommends the Board approve the 2022-23 participation agreement with York County School of Technology to provide services to students under the National School Lunch Program.
      8. Motion for the Board to approve the transportation contract with Reliance Student Transportation effective July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2026, as presented.
      9. The Administration recommends the Board approve the service contract with Easterseals to provide interpreting services as presented.
      10. The Administration recommends the Board approve the 2022-23 service contract with Sunbelt Blazer Works to acquire Speech and Language Pathologists at the per hour rate of $75.00 at 7 hours per day.
      11. The Administration recommends the Board approve the Letter of Agreement with Pennsylvania Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services, LLC, Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic/Intensive Behavioral Health Services.
      12. The Administration recommends the Board approve the following 2022-23 depositories.
        1. ACNB – Adams County National Bank
        2. PSDLAF – Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund
      13. The Administration recommends the Board authorize the Business Office to perform all year-end budget transfers, make all necessary revisions to the district fund budget upon the auditor’s final adjustments to financial records, and assign fund balance amounts in accordance with the PA Public School Code and PA Department of Education regulation; and further, the Business Office will report said revisions to the Board during the meeting following the completion of the fiscal year audit. 
    2. 2022-23 Final Budget Adoption
      1. Motion to approve the General Fund Budget for 2022-23, including all allocations for planned expenditures of $66,866,110. The total includes a $200,000 budgetary reserve approved by the Board of Directors on April 25, 2022.  [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
      2. Motion to approve the following 2022-23 tax rates. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
        1. Real estate tax rate at 25.0605  mills. This represents a 4% increase which is at the state Act 1 index of 4.0%, and,
        2. 0.5% Earned Income Tax to remain in effect be placed on all residents of the district; and,
        3. 0.5% Real Estate Transfer tax to remain in effect on all real estate transactions of the district.
      3. Motion to adopt the resolution authorizing the distribution of $159.57 state gaming funds to 5,272 eligible homestead properties and 0 farmstead properties under Section 342 of Act 1. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    3. The Property and Finance Committee recommends the Board authorize the Administration to advertise and solicit bids for the 2023 capital improvement projects no later than October 24, 2022, in the absence of a decision on Future-Focused Planning. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    4. The Administration recommends the Board accept the quote from Trane to replace refrigerant sensors on circuits # 1 and #2 and replace the master oil value on circuit #1 on the middle school chiller. The cost for the repairs will not exceed $7,382.00. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    5. The Administration recommends the Board approve the renewal of Whitsons Culinary Group as the Food Service Management Company for the 2022-23 fiscal year. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    6. Informational 
      1. Food Service Sales Report and Dining Report
  6. Student Board Representative Report – Neave Casey
    1. Introduction of the 2022-23 student representatives
  7. Committee Reports – Mr. Posenau
    1. Personnel Committee Report – Mr. Robinson
      1. Consent Agenda: You have before you the Personnel Report. Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items. [Roll Call Vote]
        1. Employment
          1. Recommend the employment of Haley Laird, Intensive Learning Support Teacher at York Suburban Middle School, effective for the 2022-23 school year. 
          2. Recommend the employment of Jack Gulley, summer help, at the hourly rate of $11.00 for the 2022 summer. 
          3. Recommend the employment of Andrew Guiddy, summer help, at the hourly rate of $11.00 for the 2022 summer, pending receipt of all clearances.
          4. Recommend the employment of William Shaver, summer help, at the hourly rate of $11.00 for the 2022 summer, pending receipt of all clearances.
          5. Recommend the approval of Marguerita Mann, Guest Teacher, for extended school year instruction for Autistic Support grades K-5 at Valley View Elementary School during the Summer of 2022. The compensation is in accordance with the 2020-21 hourly rates as outlined in the YSEA Bargaining Agreement. 
          6. Recommend the approval of Ashlee Adams, Teacher, for extended school year instruction for Intensive Learning Support grades 5-8 at York Suburban High School during the Summer of 2022. The compensation is in accordance with the 2020-21 hourly rates as outlined in the YSEA Bargaining Agreement.
          7. Recommend the approval of Mary Rafferty, Paraprofessional, for extended school year instruction during the Summer of 2022. Ms. Rafferty will be compensated her hourly rate plus benefits.
          8. Recommend the approval of Nicole Stump, Paraprofessional, for extended school year instruction during the Summer of 2022. Ms. Stump will be compensated her hourly rate plus benefits.
          9. Recommend the approval of Chrystal Gerner, Paraprofessional, for extended school year instruction during the Summer of 2022. Ms. Gerner will be compensated her hourly rate plus benefits.
          10. Recommend the approval of Annie Rodriguez, Paraprofessional, for extended school year instruction during the Summer of 2022. Ms. Rodriguez will be compensated her hourly rate plus benefits
        2. Transfer/Reassignment
          1. Recommend the Board approve the transfer of Jessica Vu from part-time 5-hour Paraprofessional to full-time 7-hour Learning Support Paraprofessional, effective for the 2022-23 school year. There is no change in the hourly rate. 
        3. Resignations
          1. Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Jackie Redding, Custodian, effective May 27, 2022.
          2. Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Mary Beth Reese, Custodian, effective June 30, 2022.
          3. Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Pamela Stauffer, Paraprofessional, effective May 24, 2022.
        4. Leaves of Absence
          1. Recommend the Board approve the FMLA leave request for Kimberly Boulding, Paraprofessional at High School, effective August 22, 2022, through September 10, 2022.
          2. Recommend the Board approve the FMLA leave request for Kathryn Mahoney, Gifted Teacher, effective August 19, 2022, through September 6, 2022.
          3. Recommend the approval of the request for a half-year (spring 2023) sabbatical leave for Kelly Paraskevakos, Teacher, for Professional Development.
        5. Volunteers
          1. Recommend approval of the following volunteers.
            1. Anne House
            2. Brittany Michalak
            3. Heather Snyder
        6. Substitutes 
          1. Recommend approval of the following STS substitute teacher. 
            1. Lydia Williams
    2. Communications Committee Report – Mr. Robinson
      1. The minutes are presented from the meeting held on May 17, 2021.
      2. Update from the meeting held on May 16, 2022
    3. Additional Committee Reports
  8. Legislative Update – Mr. Robinson
  9. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Report
    1. LIU Joint Operating Authority Report – Mrs. Freireich
  10. York Adams Academy Report – Mrs. Freireich
  11. York Adams Tax Bureau Report – Mrs. Ciaciulli
  12. York County School of Technology Report – Mrs. Schroeder
  13. Recognition of Visitors
  14. Upcoming Events
  15. Board Meeting & Committee Meeting Schedules
  16. Public Comments
    1. All comments and questions will be addressed to the President. Board and staff members will not normally respond to comments or questions during the meeting unless recognized by the President for this purpose. Comments will be limited, at the discretion of the President, to five minutes or less.
  17. Adjournment


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  1. Courtney Shinsky P. on May 23, 2022 at 5:40 pm


    I have never been happy with YSSD. I spoke at a board meeting one month into my daughter’s kindergarten year, after she was assaulted by another student in her classroom. That child still attends East York and is still assaulting little girls.
    By not properly addressing bad behavior, you are condoning it. I pulled my children twice from the district and we will never return. The fighting is out of control. And knowing how this district dismisses serious concerns from personal experience, I couldn’t imagine being the parent of a child who is the victim of the violence taking place this year. But without major changes, you are not only pushing families and students out/away… you are enabling the self destruction of the students who are causing the problems.
    The future of YSSD looks bleak, can’t get by on the reputation of the “good old days” much longer.

  2. Brian Sigley on May 23, 2022 at 4:56 pm

    1255 Wyndham Drive

    I am submitting comment in hopes that the Board and Administration will begin to take a hard look, and hard line in regard to the increase in violent behavior in YS. As a 13 year resident I have had one child already graduate and currently have 4 others in our schools. We have always been pleased with the academics, athletics, and overall environment our children have been part of in YS. Sadly since the changes due to covid and the shutdown we are no longer very pleased with how things are going within the district. While I feel our teachers and most administration are second to none, I also feel that they are not able to adequately do their jobs when they are required to continually deal with behavioral issues. I’m not naive and I know that there will always be some small incidents that occur with adolescents and teens, but the fights that are happening weekly are not acceptable. I should not be worried that my child will be attacked at school just because another child felt it was ok to behave that way. As others have said, I hear this info second and third hand, but it seems that there are not any true consequences for these behaviors. The Board needs to make some tough decisions and make sure that there are indeed consequences, and I feel they should be severe. If you decide to injure another student, then you should also know you will no longer be part of the YS community of schools. There is no room in our district for children that want to behave this way! Some may feel this is being a bit too harsh, but when does it stop?
    Please take time this Summer to make hard decisions, but necessary decisions to protect our children. Take time to protect our teachers. Take time to get YS back to being top of the list in all categories that are important in the development of our future leaders.

  3. Nicole Blount on May 23, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Nicole Blount
    374 Randolph Dr

    After a disappointing start to middle school last year due to COVID, my 7th grade son was excited for a “normal” middle school experience this year. While his teachers are wonderful, the violence and fighting that is occurring on a regular basis is quite alarming. The videos that kids take and circulate of the fights are heartbreaking. Some kids are up yelling and cheering on the fights, many are laughing, while others, even when happening right in front of them, completely ignore what is going on because it is so commonplace. Fights are no longer a big deal to these kids. They are expected and they are entertaining. I am thankful to work in a middle school that has the presence of a school resource officer, and I can’t think of 5 physical fights that have occurred since the beginning of the school year. When such a big problem happens over and over and over again, I can’t help but ask why is this happening and being allowed to happen?

    There is also a major lack of communication that has been disappointing. The most recent examples being that I found out about art night, after it occurred, on the school’s Facebook page. I received no correspondence that it was happening. Today was fun day at the middle school. There were food trucks and $ was required to purchase from them. I received no correspondence from the school about this, but saw a post the day prior on social media where I clarified that $ was needed. My middle school son does not relay information to me, and as a parent who likes to know what is going on, it’s disappointing I can’t rely on the school to provide me with communication to important happenings. (I did, however, get 3 emails from the school about the building dog’s birthday celebration, so I guess the communication is possible for what is deemed important!)

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to my frustrations.

  4. Christine hartle on May 23, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    445 ivory rd

    We moved here prior to my kids going to school because this used to be the best district. My son is currently in 8th grade and I can’t express enough how happy I am he won’t have to step foot in the school again. He won’t be attending the high school either! The amount of bullying, fighting and disrespect is just crazy. I have been in and out of the school all year to talk about the issues, kids shouldn’t be scared to go to the bathroom because of this group of kids. You can’t talk to the principal because he just passes everything off and then nothing gets done.
    I’m So disappointed in where this district is heading! I have a 3 year old who will never step foot into this district. I hate having to say this or even feel like that. All I can say is I hope the board can focus on the issues or more kids will be pulled out for better options.

  5. Anonymous on May 23, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    Wow. These comments are so disturbing. My family bought a home in the York Suburban school district a few years ago in order to attend a well-known, reputable district that was safe and highly rated. Boy did we make a mistake! The middle school is very poorly managed. I second all comments above- dangerous, unsafe, violent! I have a son who will be going to the HS next year(so thankful for that) and a daughter who will soon be entering the middle school- I’m so worried for her and am considering pulling her from the district! This should be a wake up call!!! There are fights almost daily, kids outright disrespectful to teachers( by the way- teachers were told not to send kids to the office). Additionally…there are drugs and vapes being sold by students—are you aware of this?! This is all happening in your hallways and bathrooms- where are the adults??? Those running the Middle School should be embarrassed…

    This being said, I cannot say enough positive things about Valley View and IR!

  6. Rebecca Flynn on May 23, 2022 at 12:56 pm

    I have had three older children go through the entire district and when we needed to move moving out of district was not an option. Now that my youngest is being exposed to bullying, fighting and vaping in the hallways and bathrooms. I no longer feel this is a safe option for him. My son deserves an education but the teachers can’t even teach because of the disruptions and fights. Classrooms are out of control and when students get sent to the office they are told to go back to class.
    Home schooling is now being considered.

  7. London Longenecker on May 23, 2022 at 11:28 am

    435 Ivory Rd.

    My family and I hope to see some significant improvement in the culture at YS Middle School. My son has a story of a fight almost monthly. We would hate to see this activity continue on into HS, or even worse see the Elementary students move in to these violent ways.

  8. Mead Vega on May 23, 2022 at 11:03 am

    Mead Vega
    934 Stonehaven Way
    York, Pa 17403

    I am concerned about the safety of the children at YSMS. There are many fights at the school on regular basis that it seems that it has become second nature. Why has nothing been done? You continuously state you are concerned for the health and safety our children.

  9. Kathy Pindzola on May 23, 2022 at 9:43 am

    To echo the concerns of other commenters, I too would like to respectfully ask the Board to seek information from administration, teachers, parents, and students regarding what seems to be an uptick in troubling student behaviors and fighting at the MS and HS. As a parent, information is often brought to me second or third hand and the details are not necessarily reliable, however what is most concerning to me is the feeling that many kids, including my own, have that they are either unsafe or that the behaviors are allowed to continue seemingly without consequence. While I have faith that the administration has taken action to address the most egregious behaviors, the perspective of many students is that the offending behaviors are not corrected as students who fight or act out or threaten or disrespect teachers are rarely removed from class or disciplined in some way that communicates to all the message that bad behavior will not be tolerated. I always want to seek understanding of what is causing behaviors and I know that a child acting out at school may have a vast and varied and troubling list of reasons for why that behavior is occurring. I applaud any efforts made by teachers, guidance counselors, principals, etc. to understand the root cause of the behaviors and I truly believe that seeking that understanding and building relationships is the best way to address it. However, there must also be consequences not just as a punishment for misbehavior, but for all students to see that actions have consequences and that reckless, abusive, disrespectful, or threatening behavior is not tolerated at school. I ask that the School Board please follow up on these concerns and seek an understanding of not just what has occurred in the past, but what the plan is to address incidents moving forward. Thank you!
    Kathy Pindzola

  10. Kayla Trich on May 23, 2022 at 9:32 am

    2523 Schoolhouse Ln
    YSSD School Board Members,

    My son has attended York Suburban since Kindergarten and is currently finishing up his 6th grade year at the Middle School. 4 years ago my husband I moved and I was adamant that we needed to stay in Suburban, since then I regret it and we are actively looking to move out of the district. It breaks my heart. My son was assaulted after school in October. He was walking home and another student physically grabbed him and threw him out onto the street on Sundale. I’m sure you think this is an exaggeration however, the entire thing was captured on video. Do you know how hard it is to watch your son not only be attacked but to see a car have to stop to avoid hitting him? This could have been a tragic event. The Springettsbury Police was notified and saw the video, due to the students age he was only issued a warning. The school was also notified and the video was shown, the student was given 2 days of suspension. 2 days for almost killing someone? It took a few weeks for my son to really feel okay going to school, he was afraid he would be a bigger target for telling my husband and I. Since that event his personality has changed and not in a good way, he doesn’t enjoy school. Everyday I hear about different fights occurring and how he keeps his head down just so he isn’t selected to be bullied for the day. I hear surrounding schools have reinforcement officers in school building why can’t York Suburban have one? If having one in our buildings so students feel safe again shouldn’t that be a top priority? Why should students feel unsafe? I really hope that something changes at the middle school level and fast!

    Thank you for your time!

  11. Derrik Wolpert on May 23, 2022 at 9:00 am

    Derrik Wolpert
    7 Wynwood Court

    Mr. President and Members of the School Board of Directors,
    As a father of two students at the YSMS, I am feeling more and more uncomfortable with the safety of my kids attending school. The school building has become commonplace for abusive behavior (physical and verbal), fighting, and violent conduct toward both students and faculty. Students are growing fearful toward their classmates, wondering if they are “next” or if they made a “list” targeting them for some act of abuse or harm. My daughter encountered a situation earlier this year where she was threatened by a gang of students in the bathroom at lunchtime plotting a fight – my daughter was simply using the bathroom at lunchtime but because she was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when she exited the stall, she was threatened regarding the things she innocently overheard. While my daughter did not suffer any physical violence or harm, it did prompt several communications with the YSMS administration and much urging for my daughter to go to school.
    I recognize behavior at this age is varied and there are altercations from time-to-time where two people disagree. However, what is occurring at YSMS is greater than occasional altercations, rather frequent and seemingly undisciplined occurrences. And when I say undisciplined, we, the parents and students, do not get communication regarding actions taken despite being told the police were notified. If police were notified, we’re left to use our imagination as to what occurred.
    Several years ago, YSSD was offered funds from the Pennsylvania’s School Safety and Security Grant, providing 18-months of funding for a School Police Chief and School Police Officer. The District surveyed both faculty and parents, resulting in overwhelming support from both surveyed parties for implementation of a School Police Officer or Resource Officer. 18-months of funding could provide nearly two school years worth of data and evidence to the viability and success of the SPO/SRO, which many other Districts already have. Sadly, despite such support, the Board chose to reject the funding – astonishing to me, especially in consideration of the current situation at YSMS. I understand the funding after 18-months would require District funds be generated to continue the program, which considering our current budget and deficit could be problematic. But what’s worse, a budget issue for a trained SPO/SRO that the administration can depend on to assist with the current violence and take the burden off administrators we look to to run a school/education curriculum OR no SPO/SRO and repeated violence where kids are hurt, teachers are hurt, kids are afraid to attend (that doesn’t allow them to be their best student and focus on the academics YSSD prides itself on). I think the risk of having a trained SPO/SRO on board has so many benefits that outweigh the concern of where’s the money coming from for another year – benefits like relieving administrators and counselors, deterrent for violent behavior, collaboration with staff to educate, and interaction with students to promote positive perceptions of police presence – to name a few. And the concern of introducing firearms in schools because there is a SPO/SRO is shallow. Just because you have an SPO/SRO, does not mean they necessarily have to carry a firearm. While I’m not against the firearm in school with a trained officer, I would support an SPO/SRO without one because sometimes just that presence is better than nothing at all. And the desire to collaborate more closely with the local police departments, we don’t seem to be doing that anyway. I received correspondence earlier this year regarding a “kill list” at YSMS. The YSMS administration conducted its own investigation and determined the list “not a credible” threat and then police were notified. That is what was communicated to parents. So we aren’t seeking the local police help if we’re conducting our own internal YSSD investigations. Its mind boggling to me.
    Or perhaps if the SPO/SRO is too much, there are many community resources available. For example, York College has a criminal justice program and perhaps collaboration with the department could help create a bridge to criminal justice students’ education with real-life instances where learned skills can be used. Or better communication with community members and parents allows folks to be vigilant to situations that are occurring and possibly provide some assistance or at least an increased awareness.
    I think I can speak for the majority, we want the school to focus on education and providing a safe, enriching environment for our kids; not be burdened daily with breaking up fights. And walking the tight-rope with disciplinary actions that seemingly are soft and not-consequential. It is my hope the Board recognizes a real issue, and opens discussion about the current violence with focus to find resources and policy to help prevent it as well as better communicate the occurrences and set up more serious disciplinary steps that can curb the behavior.

  12. Dawn Zaremba on May 22, 2022 at 10:38 pm

    Can we please address the fighting in the schools. Not only is it a regular occurrence … there is NO communication. I believe if a weapon is brought to school and/or the police are called the parents should be notified at the very least. As a parent I have now added “ did you witness any fights today? was anyone hurt? Along with how was your day? Please address the fighting!

  13. Doug George on May 22, 2022 at 8:27 pm

    Board Members,

    Reports of rising violence in the YSSD, and the middle school in particular, are disturbing developments. While rising violence is not unique to YSSD, I’m disappointed that administrators seem to be unable, as yet, to reverse the trend in the district based on what I hear from concerned parents I know. There has always been an institutional culture at YSSD to creatively deal with new developments that might undermine the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth of the district’s students.

    I hope the current administration is up to the challenge to maintain the standards the York Suburban School District has been known for for so many years.


    Douglas George
    1180 Overbrook Circle

  14. Lennie Spagnola on May 22, 2022 at 8:01 pm

    Lennie Spagnola
    484 Edgehill Road

    Board Members,

    I moved to the YSSD from a neighboring school district intentionally to one day raise children in the safe, transparent, environment focused on academics, community and school pride that YSSD was well known for throughout the county. I am deeply concerned in regards to the trend of violence and threats, particularly in the middle school, that appear to have gone unabated. Early in the school year, my son was frightened and alarmed at what I thought to be an isolated incident of students fighting. As the school year progressed, so did the violence. So much so that it is now regarded as commonplace among my son and his classmates. Videos captured on cell phones of the regularly occurring violence on school property quickly gets shared throughout the student body. The students, my 11 year old son included now are becoming numb to these violent events. This is not the York Suburban Standard of old. I do not believe these violent altercations have been adequately communicated to parents considering how many videos are out there compared to email correspondence addressing the incidents, nor do I believe there was there adequate communication regarding any disciplinary actions the administration or board has taken or plan to take moving forward. I believe with better communication and transparency our school community can come together and identify the root cause of this disturbing trend and together develop a course of action that is in the interest of our student and teacher safety.

  15. Michael C. Morgan on May 22, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Board Members,

    I was a decades long resident of York now retired to West Virginia. I remain deeply connected to the York area where my Daughter was born, raised and still resides with her family. My Grandchildren were/are students in the District.

    As suggested previously by a Board Member I’m writing to vent my spleen about the path the YSSD has taken in recent years relative to providing a safe environment in both the Middle School and the High School. Along with instances of verbal abuse and threats experienced by students, I’m informed by my Grandchildren repeatedly about fights breaking out in and on school property which in some cases have required Police enforcement to resolve.

    I’m frankly stunned to hear this as I know the sacrifices my Daughter and Son-In-Law made in order to have their children attend YSSD as it was the bright spot in the area. Sadly, it has reached a point that my Granddaughter has chosen to leave the YSSD system. This was a difficult decision for her and she tried many times to weather the storm. Unless major safety improvements are made, it is unlikely she will again attend.

    As with my Granddaughter, Parents will remove their Children from the danger should the Board and Administration not take the necessary corrective action to make the environment safe. I’m sure you’re aware this exodus has already begun.

    Thank you for your time.

    Michael C. Morgan
    Keyser, WV