Property & Finance Committee Meeting 

August 15, 2022 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Ed Center Board Room


Meeting Facilitator: Mr. Joel Sears, Committee Chair

Committee Members: Mr. James Sanders, Mr. Thoman, Mrs. Freireich

Administrative: Kathy Ciaciulli, Nicole Fry 


1.Call to order

2. Approval of Property and Finance Minutes for May 2, 2022

3. Administrative Report – Kathy Ciaciulli

a. Facilities Report – Jessica Thomas, Seth Wentz, Ken Kaufmann

i. Summer 2022 Work 

ii. District Gas Pumps

iii. HS Natatorium 

iv. IR Walk-in Freezer Cooler RFP Update

4. Finance Committee Chair Report – Joel  Sears    


5. Information

6. Public Comment                                                       

7. Meeting Schedule:  November 7, 2022

8. Adjournment

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