Minutes – Special Meeting – 2022-08-29

York Suburban Board Of School Directors
Special Meeting
August 29, 2022 – 7 p.m.
York Suburban High School – Cafeteria

(Approved on September 12, 2022)

Following is an update from the Special Meeting of the Board held on August 29, 2022, in the High School cafeteria. For additional information, please reference the school board website or the full video of the meeting.

  1. General Business
    1. Call to Order – Mr. Posenau, Board President
      1. Mr. Posenau called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. 
      2. Board Members’ Roll Call
        1. Present: Ellen Freireich, John Posenau, Richard Robinson, James Sanders, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Steven Sullivan, Michael Thoman. 
        2. Absent: None
      3. A reminder to please silence your cell phone during the meeting.
      4. The purpose of this Special Meeting is to interview candidates, nominate, appoint, and swear in a new Board Member. 
        1. Mr. Posenau welcomed the candidates and community members in attendance. 
  • Interviews of Board Candidates – Mr. Posenau, Board President
    1. Candidates for the vacancy on the York Suburban Board of School Directors for the term to expire December 5, 2023.
      1. Pinal Desai
      2. Chawna Griffith
      3. Jamie Gruber
      4. Nabat Henderson
      5. Patricia A. Jackson 
      6. Maura Musselman
      7. Jonathan Oestereich
      8. Caroline Pace Rudacille
      9. Jennifer Ruth 
  1. Interview Process – Mr. Posenau, Board President
    1. Opening Statement from each candidate (up to two minutes)
      1. Each candidate provided an opening statement.
    2. Interview questions with each candidate providing a very brief response.

The candidates were asked questions individually in the following order:

Pinal Desai

Chawna Griffith

Jamie Gruber

Nabat Henderson

Patricia A. Jackson 

Maura Musselman

Jonathan Oestereich

Caroline Pace Rudacille

Jennifer Ruth 

C. Closing statement from each candidate (up to one minute)

Each Candidate provided a closing statement.

Nabat Henderson and Jennifer Ruth withdrew from consideration. 

II Nomination(s) from the Board – Mr. Posenau, Board President

    1. Nomination(s) will be made by Board member(s).

Attorney Say explained the nomination process. 

The nominations were as follows:

      • Pinal Desai (1-Robinson, 2-Freireich)
      • Jonathan Oestereich (1-Sears, 2-Sanders)

Mr. Posenau announced that the nominations are closed. 

      1. Public Comment
        1. No public comments were made. 
      1. Roll Call Vote
        1. A roll call vote was conducted. Each Board Member voted as follows:

Ellen Freireich voted for Pinal Desai. 

Lois Ann Schroeder voted for Pinal Desai.

Steven Sullivan voted for Pinal Desai.

Richard Robinson voted for Pinal Desai.

James Sanders voted for Jonathan Oestereich.

Joel Sears voted for Jonathan Oestereich.

John Posenau voted for Pinal Desai.

Michael Thoman voted for Jonathan Oestereich.

  1. Five votes are necessary for a nomination to carry.
    1. With five affirmative votes, Mr. Pinal Desai was appointed the newest member of the York Suburban Board of School Directors. 
  • Swearing in of New Board Member
    • Mr. Desai will take the Oath of Office as School Director at the September 12th Board meeting before the meeting begins. 
  • Public Comment
    • No public comments were made. 
  • Adjournment
    • The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. 




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