York Suburban Board of School Directors
Regular Monthly Meeting
December 20, 2021 – 7 p.m.
York Suburban High School – Auditorium


  1. General Business
    1. Call to Order – Mr. Posenau, Board President
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      2. Roll Call
      3. A reminder to please silence your cell phone during the meeting.
      4. Public Comments
        1. All comments and questions will be addressed to the President. Board and staff members will not normally respond to comments or questions during the meeting unless recognized by the President for this purpose. Comments will be limited, at the discretion of the President, to five minutes or less.
      5. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes
        1. Approval of the minutes of the Nominations Committee meeting of December 6, 2021. [Approval as submitted/corrected]
        2. Approval of the minutes of the Reorganization/Planning Committee meeting of December 6, 2021.  [Approval as submitted/corrected]
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Sears
    1. Consent Agenda: [Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items; Roll Call Vote]
      1. Approval of Financial Reports as of November 30, 2021. [File for audit]
        1. Treasurer’s Reports
        2. General Fund Revenue Report
        3. General Fund Expenditure Report
        4. Summary Reports
          1. Capital Project, Capital Reserve, Food Service
        5. Check Summary Reports
          1. General Fund, Food Service, Capital Project, Capital Reserve
        6. General Input Budget Transfers
        7. Student Activities Fund Revenue Report
        8. Student Activities Fund Expenditure Report
  3. Board President’s Report – Mr. Posenau
    1. The Board met in Executive Session on December 20, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. as permitted by Section 707 of the Sunshine Act for the purpose of discussing personnel. No official action was taken.
  4. Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Williams
    1. Future-Focused Planning Presentation – Dr. Krauser
    2. Administrative Recommendation for FFP
  5. Business Office Report – Mrs. Ciaciulli
    1. Consent Agenda: [You have before you the Business Office Report. Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, I would ask that a motion be made to approve the below-mentioned items; Roll Call Vote]
      1. The Administration recommends Board approval of the agreement with Faithful Transportation to provide special transportation at a daily rate of $192.00 per day. 
      2. The Administration recommends Board approval of the following Affiliation Agreements in accordance with Board policy 307.
        1. Grand Canyon University
        2. Wilson College
        3. Millersville University
        4. York College
        5. Mansfield University
      3. The Administration recommends the Board deny the request from Jessica and Friends Community to forgive the 2021 taxes in the amount of $3,991.59 (face) and $362.87 (penalty fee) on parcel #48-000-23-0170-00-00000. 
      4. The Administration recommends the Board accept the Educational Services Proposal from Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 to provide the Middle School with support in the distribution, analysis, and action plan implementation for the PA School Climate Survey in the amount not to exceed $1,500. This will be funded through the building budget.  
      5. The Administration recommends the Board accept the Educational Services Proposal from the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 to conduct a mathematics audit. The service will not exceed 62,500 and will be funded through the ARP State Set Aside grant. 
      6. The Administration recommends the Board approve the contract with Elite Coach to provide transportation in the amount not to exceed $8,100 to be funded through the High School budget.
      7. The Administration recommends the Board approve the contract with Chester County Intermediate Unit to conduct the Superintendent search in the amount not to exceed $30,000.
    2. The Administration recommends the Board award the electrical contract for the Central Plant Chiller Replacement project to McCarty & Sons in the amount of $ 121,972.  This project will be funded through the ESSER III funds upon approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    3. The Administration recommends the Board approve the General Fund Interfund Transfer of $454,785 to Capital Reserves. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    4. The Administration recommends the Board approve the referral agreement with Wellspan Philhaven Family Based Mental Health Services effective January 1, 2022, through January 1, 2024. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    5. The Administration recommends the Board approve the Parent Transportation Contract with Ms. Jessica Warner from September 8, 2021, through December 23, 2021. The parent will be reimbursed the IRS mileage rate. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
    6. Informational
  6. Student Board Representative Report – Neave Casey
  7. Committee Reports – Mr. Posenau
    1. Personnel Committee Report – Mr. Robinson
      1. Consent Agenda: [You have before you the Personnel Report. Would any Board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items? If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items [Roll Call Vote]
        1. Employment
          1. Recommend Board approval of the appointment of Allison Shelton as Part-Time Paraprofessional at Yorkshire Elementary School effective December 13, 2021, with an hourly rate of $13.00 plus benefits in accordance with the 2021-22 YSESPA agreement. 
          2. Recommend Board approval of the appointment of Elisa Roeser as Part-Time Paraprofessional at Yorkshire Elementary School effective December 20, 2021, with an hourly rate of $13.00, plus benefits in accordance with the 2021-22 YSESPA agreement. 
          3. Recommend Board approval of the appointment of Teresa Bollis as a Temporary Long-Term Teacher Substitute effective January 10, 2022, with a salary of $28, 949.70 representing a prorated Bachelor’s Step 1 of the 2021-22 YSEA Agreement. 
          4. Recommend Board approval of the appointment of Abigail Boudah as a Temporary Long-Term Teacher Substitute effective January 10, 2022, with a salary of $28, 949.70 representing a prorated Bachelor’s Step 1 of the 2021-22 YSEA Agreement.
          5. Recommend Board approval of the reassignment request by Todd Monos to transition from Elementary Principal to Secondary Assistant Principal effective December 21, 2021, with a salary of $121.409.88.
          6. Recommend Board approval of a stipend for Theresa Jackson for her duties as Acting Principal of Valley View Elementary School in the amount of $9,000.   
          7. Recommend Board approval of the appointment of Michelle Pantellas as School Psychologist with York Suburban School District with a salary of $84,000 plus benefits in accordance with the Tier II Compensation Plan. The effective date is to be determined.
        2. Resignations
          1. Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Jennifer Martin as Puzzle Partners Advisor (50%), effective October 25, 2021.
          2. Recommend the Board accept the resignation of Kelly Carl, Autistic Support Teacher at Valley View Elementary School, effective February 6, 2022.
        3. Leaves of Absence
          1. Recommend the approval of the extended leave request for David Darrah, Teacher at the Middle School, effective December 13, 2021, through February 7, 2022.
          2. Recommend the approval of the FMLA request for Kiersten Handy, Teacher at the Middle School, effective on or around February 6, 2022, through the end of the school year. 
          3. Recommend the approval of the FMLA request for Audrey Schaefer, Teacher at the Middle School, effective on or around April 12, 2022, through the end of the school year.
          4. Recommend the approval of the FMLA request for Amy Schnetzka, Teacher at Yorkshire Elementary School, effective December 6, 2021, through January 28, 2022.
        4. Extracurricular
          1. Recommend the Board accept the following appointment.
            1. Neil Gutekunst – Puzzle Partners Advisor (100%), Tier 4, Step 4, effective October 25, 2021.
        5. Volunteers
          1. Recommend approval of the following volunteers.
            1. Rebecca Balliet
            2. Christine Kenney
            3. Desiree Page
            4. Colleen Miller
        6. Substitutes 
          1. Recommend approval of the following STS substitute teachers. 
            1. Lilly Summers
            2. Alexis Bowen
            3. Emily Miller
        7. Bus and Van Drivers
          1. Recommend approval of the following drivers for Reliance Student Transportation.
            1. Cathi Frazier
            2. Celess Ritter
    2. Academic Standards & Curriculum Committee – Mrs. Schroeder
      1. The following new high school courses are recommended for Board approval. [Motion; Discussion; Roll Call Vote]
        1. CP Architectural Drawing and Design II
        2. CP Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) II
        3. Zoology
        4. Environmental Science
        5. Food Science
        6. How Things Work (Practical Applications of Science)
        7. Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
        8. Sports Literature
        9. Writing to Frighten: Horror Fiction
        10. Philosophy and Literature
    3. Additional Committee Reports
  8. Legislative Update – Mr. Robinson
  9. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Report
    1. LIU Joint Operating Authority Report – Mrs. Freireich
  10. York Adams Academy Report – Mrs. Freireich
  11. York Adams Tax Bureau Report – Mrs. Ciaciulli
  12. York County School of Technology Report – Mrs. Schroeder
  13. Recognition of Visitors
  14. Board Meeting & Committee Meeting Schedules
  15. Public Comments
    1. All comments and questions will be addressed to the President. Board and staff members will not normally respond to comments or questions during the meeting unless recognized by the President for this purpose. Comments will be limited, at the discretion of the President, to five minutes or less.
  16. Adjournment


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  1. Lori Ehrlich on December 20, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    Hello. I am Lori Ehrlich at 700 Hoffman Road in York. As a very active parent in the York Suburban School district, I feel it is my responsibility to question some of the current policies in our district. I am referring specifically to the COVID policies that have recently been enacted. I have been following the COVID dashboard closely in the past two weeks. The cases have gone from 5 to 9 to 17 to 33 and now to 37 within our schools. The county and state numbers are rising along that same path. Public events in York County are being suspended due to the rapid spread of the new variant.

    Specifically, I would like to understand the following:

    Why are our schools mask-optional while our hospitals are at 140% capacity? I am not in the York medical community, but have obtained reliable information from those who are employed by Wellspan, and the situation over at the hospital is being considered a CRISIS.

    Also, why is our health and safety plan so different from what is recommended by the CDC, PA DOH, and DOE?

    I also understand, from information from Wellspan employees, that Wellspan wanted to hold a free mobile vaccine clinic at one of our schools, yet that idea was struck down by Administration. Why would YS NOT promote something that could create vaccine opportunities for those that might find it difficult to carve out time in their schedule to get a vaccine?

    Months ago, the original YS policy letter states that quarantine will NOT be required for a student with close contact if “masks were properly worn” during the time of that contact. With the mask mandate now lifted, will all students now be required to quarantine for ALL close contact situations? And if not, can you please explain your medical reasoning for that decision?

    Every time a “close contact” letter comes into my inbox (on a regular basis now it seems!) I am uncertain what I should do. My children are vaccinated, as are all of my family, but we are still worried whether or not our child might be an asymptomatic carrier who could give a case of a new variant to their grandparents.

    I urge the board and administration to reverse the mask mandate and follow CDC guidance on masking in enclosed indoor spaces. There is very little evidence that masks cause trauma to the students. But young students are rapidly losing grandparents….many of whom are guardians and caretakers of our students. I would surmise that the death of family members is more traumatic than wearing a piece of cloth over mouths and noses.

    Thank you.
    Lori Ehrlich

  2. Christy Renjilian on December 20, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    2641 Raleigh Drive

    As a 20 year plus resident in the district, with a long record of serving on YSSD Strategic planning committees, various task forces, and as the CTC Mobilizer, I have worked with a variety of school board members. I know you have a hard job, one in which you will not please everyone. And one, I believe, in which your primary purpose is not to cater to your adult constituents but rather to serve students. In fact, your YSSD School Board principles state, you are to: “utilize appropriate data to make informed decisions” and “promote open, honest, and respectful dialogue among the Board, staff, and community”. The Statement of Principles is on the website for all to see. And for us to hold you accountable to follow. As leaders this is what you committed yourself to, not just when the decisions are universally supported, and not only when the messages are easy to convey. And not just when the data supports your opinion. And certainly not when you completely disregard the data because you don’t support what it proves. Data tells us that mask wearing, social distancing, and vaccinations reduce the spread of COVID and the likelihood of severe illness and death. Listen to the medical professionals within YSSD as they support this data. It is disheartening to see YSSD Board members seemingly walk away from their stated principles because they are more concerned about appeasing adults than they are about protecting students. As leaders, it’s your job to share information open and honestly, even when the mesage has become overly political. As leaders you are called to do what is right, not what is popular. I encouarge you to follow the collective principles you have agreed to, to make an informed decision using data, and to commitment to keeping students, staff, and our entire community safe and healthy.

  3. Cortney Hendrickson on December 20, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    Hello. I am Cortney Hendrickson. I live at 1585 Wydham Dr. in York. I am a concerned parent who chose to remove her school aged children from YS schools, when the hybrid learning mode was decided on and 5 days of week – in person learning was voted against.

    As we know emotions are high and many are concerned about a variety of important health and safety topics that stem from Covid to children fearing coming to school due to the threat of violence and due to numerous fights already happening at YS schools.

    My questions/comments for the board tonight are as follows:

    1. Where is the policy about what parents need to do to get a reply to their direct questions ? Many of us, myself included have asked you repeatedly to please discuss and provide answers during your discussion time to specific questions and it repeatedly falls on deaf ears. Not one time I have asked you to discuss or provide an answer to my questions in person have you done so. So, what does one need to do to get a direct and timely answer from you the board? Please discuss tonight during your discussion time and provide your community with a clear answer.

    2. Do you not think it’s your duty to respond to your community members when they email you questions and concerns? Or is that only during a campaign that touts “transparency” as one of it’s talking points? I am not trying to be unkind, but honestly these tough questions do need to be asked and brought to light. We all deserve better and I believe YS as a whole is better than this. The question is when will your actions meet the words you say or the oath you took to serve your community? Serving your community isn’t ignoring concerned parents, tax payers and residents of York Suburban. It’s actually engaging them and taking time to answer, perhaps some tough questions at times. Dr Krauser, your timely responses are appreciated and your way of communicating with me is what gives me hope about one day returning my girls to the YS classroom. However, due to all I have witnessed the last two years Homeschool is what makes the most sense for our family.

    3. Why did YS take the stance of the mask “police” but then when it comes to other health and safety issues like the recent nicotine gum incident at the Middle School it is more lackadaisical ? I am not suggesting it wasn’t handled but many of the parents who reached out said their children were physically ill (i.e. blood shot eyes, vomiting and feeling sick after chewing the gum) . The nurse seemed to think everyone was gonna be fine because supposedly they spit out quick enough. My question is were these students properly assessed for Nicotine Poisoning and was Poison Control called? For comparison sake, YS believed it had the “legal authority” to mask our children and yet they don’t feel the need to protect children by calling Poison Control and also by having a great consequence to deter this student and perhaps anyone else from this very serious health and safety matter that DID impact a handful of students. Also, it’s important to note this student who brought the nicotine gum and gave it out to other students has been involved in numerous serious incidents impacting students. The question is why does Suburban threaten to shut down a school board meeting if people forgo their masks during a masking order and yet appear to be lenient when it comes to disciplining students who have had serious behavior issues (fighting, sexual violation incidents etc…)that threatened the well being of other students?

    4. Masking: It is evident that many continue to have strong feelings about mandatory masking verses optional masking at schools. However, I believe it is clear or should be clear now, since The Supreme Court ruling lifted the stayed order on Allison Beam’s masking order that ALL schools should clearly see that they also DO NOT have “broad authority”; like was claimed by this board and it’s solicitor on multiple occasions and in various emails. The acting Secretary’s masking order was illegal and therefore YS and others followed an illegal order. I understand people may want to encourage the board to vote for reinstating a mandatory masking order but this not legally sound. To be clear if Secretary Beam was told that she overstepped and does not have the broad authortiy she claimed under the Disease Control and Prevention Act why would anyone believe that ANY PA School District can claim broad authority under the Public School Code? Thankfully it appears that York Suburban does understand that any attempt to bring mandatory masking back, opens them up to unnecessary and avoidable lawsuits. I hope people will do all they can to be informed, to be in good health, and to exercise their right to wear a mask (or two or three) if they choose under the Optional Masking policy that is now in place.

    ***If you as a board member are tempted to entertain mandatory masking I ask you how exactly or why exactly do you believe that ANY school district has the power and authority to require mandatory masking when The Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth does not?

    Lastly, on 12/8/2021 at the LGBTQ meeting @York Suburban Middle School, before the masks order was lifted and the stay on the Secretary of Health’s masking order was still in effect a handful of people were in attendance without masks!! I wish I could give credit to YS for following an optional masking health and safety plan but that was not the case. At the time of the meeting on school grounds it was masking required for ALL. The school’s Solicitor was present and a panel member that evening. The Solicitor and other staff did not open the meeting with a friendly reminder about masks being required nor did anyone at any time ask anyone to put on a mask or to leave per the current masking order that was in effect. With that being said, I think it’s clear that hypocrisy runs deep. If the schools own Solicitor who knows the law and these so called “legal mandates” doesn’t even speak to them or enforce the policy or suggest that any staff speak to them we can all stop pretending from this point forward. Thankfully, it is an option to still wear a mask for those who want to whether that’s staff or students. The issue is that this board and some YS staff referred to people who were in favor of optional masking as “these people ” like many of us were less than and just so despicable for wanting to exercise our constitutional rights and right to body autonomy. This hypocritical event speaks volumes and it shines a light on the double standards. Feel free to check the video footage from that event, but let it more than anything be a lesson that people are watching what you do and not just what you say when the lights are on for a school board meeting.

    Finally, the win by the Parents who filed a suit against the Secretary of Health should be an example to many that there are people who will not let others try to rob them of their basic rights under the guise of “health and safety” or for any reason. It served as a reminder that even the Secretary of Health isn’t above the law and neither are you or me. I pray that people will still exercise compassion for others but that we all can also have courage to call out the tough and unpleasant stuff too. I pray more us will have begin to have stronger convictions to defending our freedom and protecting our children more than we have a fear or worry about our reputations and being everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, this goes above cases, increasing numbers and overcrowded hospitals too. When we attempt to steal people’s basic rights and control other people and their children we may end up with push back, people are being terminated from many hospitals and yet prior to these shots even being available they were sung as our front line hero’s . Now anyone who doesn’t get in line and “get vaccinated” or “mask up, vax up” is considered expendable. Perhaps we should ask ourselves if by the same token, it’s okay to just toss out those who have chosen a sedentary lifestyle, or perhaps is diabetic and/or obese based on lifestyle choices ? Certainly would be unthinkable so why do some people support such discrimmanatory behavior and treatment of others who can’t just “get vaccinated” for a a variety of reasons such as immune issues, being non responders, personal choice, religious reasons etc….

    5 Patience: I was told by one of you recently “to be patient” in response to me inquiring about the much anticipated email following the Supreme Court ruling. I want to publicly say that it is an act of God that I am still patient. Truly! People have been through SO much these last two years and I think it’s okay to be eager and excited for some good news about optional masking. Many teachers, staff, parents and children really suffered and struggle in these masks so I ask you to please have some compassion. We are not one size fits all and so while some people did fine in masks and may elect to wear them forever, not everyone shares the same even medical opinion that they are not without risk and not without harm. So please, I ask you all to think very carefully before being swayed by the understandable fear about cases climbing etc etc, because we can’t just take away people’s basic rights due to real or imagined fears. There are shots available to people who want or need them and there are masks available to those under the health and safety plan that allows for options. I hope many will embrace the beauty of choice in this great nation of ours! Defending CHOICE is being on the right side of history. No one is advocating that I know of at York Suburban to totally make it mandatory to breathe the god given air and to not allow masks, people are simply supporting our freedom to choose!

    In closing, I will say that I am reminded that to whom much is given much is required. I pray that you all remember that when you write emails telling people to be patient or to trust you that a safety issue was handled please never forget these are the moments that help us decide if we can. All of these other events and how you handled our most basic rights, responding to direct questions, replying to emails regardless of whether it’s campaign time or not…..Many many people are awake now and people are watching your actions more than your words.

    PS : Reply to questions and emails!!

    Thank you for your time. May God bless you and guide your decisions.

  4. Melanie Bair on December 20, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    513 Wynwood Rd.

    There should be no more discussion ever again about forcing our children to wear masks. The solicitor for YSSD made the stance of the district very clear when she attended and sat on the panel of the LGBTQ meeting and not one time even mentioned that the policy is that you must wear a mask or leave to the people attending who were NOT wearing a mask. That meeting was not threatened to be shut down unlike a school board meeting when people didn’t wear a mask. The school board clearly supports no masks by not answering emails with questions about this meeting and the lack of masks.
    The board also made their stance clear when they didn’t answer any emails about the lack of mask usage by visiting spectators at basketball games that took place on YSSD grounds.
    Both instances took place before the health and safety plan expired.
    Although I am discouraged that no one on the board answered with an email, I am thrilled that the board and solicitor answered through their actions and made it clear that they do not enforce masks for ANY group of people regardless of the policy in place at the time.
    As a taxpayer I do not want my funds used to defend the school district against discrimination lawsuits. I applaud the tolerance, inclusiveness and non-discrimination that I trust the school board will give to all people moving forward by continuing the option of choice.
    Please get back to what is really important and protect our children. The violence, sexual harassment, drug distribution and lack of discipline especially in the middle school is disturbing. Rejecting the grant for school police officers was a mistake. Children are afraid to come to school.
    YSSD deserves better and the taxpayers deserve answers to their emails.

  5. Courtney Shinsky Pigg on December 20, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    24 S. Rockburn St.
    I wrote each member of the board last week, requesting a response to two specific questions and did not receive a response from any member. Your policy says you don’t need to respond when questions are asked in public comment, but you have chosen to publicly answer/respond to some speakers when their question-or your response fits a certain narrative. This theme of hypocrisy and double standards IS the reputation of YSSD. To recap my email to the board, Masks were NOT enforced during the LGBTQ panel meeting held on December 8, 2021. This event took place prior to the Supreme Court Ruling and notification that the statewide mask mandate was no longer in effect. But the staff there, as well as the solicitor chose to not enforce the rule at this event.
    The violence taking place, especially in the middle school should terrify every person seated at that table, because it is terrifying many parents at home and their concerns fall on deaf ears. Another example of double standard as students are removed from school for taking a mask off, but not removed from school for multiple cases of sexual harassment, distributing nicotine gum, or violent physical fighting.
    Do your teachers and staff a favor and put some responsibility back on parents! Teachers do not need to be counting children who wear masks or have vaccines. They don’t need to referee fights and spend days writing reports for every complaint that gets reported. Do not go back to mandatory masking and start enforcing some stricter repercussions for children that are terrorizing your staff and the children who come to school well behaved and ready to learn. Also, respond to emails.

  6. Brian Sigley on December 20, 2021 at 10:29 am

    1255 Wyndham Dr
    I applaud the board for finally following through on your health and safety plan and implore you to not listen to the minority that still feel they can make decisions for the majority. Masks are optional which is acceptable for all. You would not make a rule stating that nobody can wear a mask, so in the same breath you should not be making rules that everyone must wear one. If families feel compelled to have their children wear the mask then that is great, but they can not expect to control children from a family with different beliefs on the matter. Please continue to follow your plan and do not cave to those who want to control everything another person does / does not do. This is also true for vaccines. No school should ever mandate an experimental, at best, vaccine as a requirement to attend public schools. Again, do not fall victim to those that believe the vaccine is the “savior event”.

  7. Mary Baum on December 20, 2021 at 9:15 am

    1507 Old Farm Lane
    I’m a grandparent to children in YSSD and I am appalled that Suburban changed its masking policy. York County cases are skyrocketing. If you aren’t worried about children contracting the virus you should be deeply worried about the possible aftereffects. Long Covid is frightening and could cause some children lifelong health consequences. Mandatory masking should be put back in place.

  8. Kathy Pindzola on December 20, 2021 at 8:33 am

    Kathy Pindzola, 151 Summit Dr. My comment is not directed at changing the existing Health and Safety Plan, though I am disappointed to see that a review of this plan is not even on the agenda. I am more disappointed by the inadequate implementation of the existing plan. Item a. states the District “will continue to reference the recommendations from the CDC.” “Reference” should mean that the District actually reads, reviews, and considers strongly the advice of this respected organization. I see no evidence of the District following the CDC guidance. Item b. states that “Students, staff, and visitors will be encouraged to practice physical distancing.” This absolutely does not happen in the buildings. Students are still eating lunch a foot from each other, desks are still tightly packed into classrooms, cafeteria lines are not spaced out, gym classes are playing close contact games indoors, etc. Item e. states that the “District will maintain its high standard of contact tracing and follow all current practices set by the CDC and the PA DOH regarding quarantine and isolation.” This is absolutely not happening. The District has developed their own practices regarding contact tracing and quarantining that is very much NOT the practice set by the CDC. Finally, Item g. states that “If feasible, the District will support and share local and community vaccination efforts with students and staff.” It is my understanding that Wellspan has offered to host a mobile vaccine clinic for YSSD (as they have done for other schools with great success) and this has been refused. Surely, the District must be aware that offering vaccines on site is not the same as requiring them. The District must also understand that many families struggle with arranging things like vaccine appointments for their children whether due to lack of ease with online systems, lack of familiarity with health care resources, lack of transportation, or language barriers. The District owes it to all families to do whatever possible to give students access to vaccines for those who want it. Finally, I ask you to return your attention to a letter sent from the District on September 7, 2021 re: quarantine policy. The letter stated that students who experience a close-contact exposure “will not be required to quarantine, provided that they properly wore masks during the close-contact period and do not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.” As you are aware, shortly after this letter, the mandate required that all students wear masks, thus this point was moot. But now that masks are once again optional, the distinction SHOULD remain. If you are masked, you do not need to quarantine. If you are unmasked, you do. Period. Share that incentive with families. Let them know they still have a choice to send a child unmasked, but that if there is a close-contact exposure that child will need to quarantine at home. THIS WAS THE POLICY that our District sent out to all families on September 7th. It’s clear to me that administration has no desire to re-enter a mask mandate battle, but there is so much more that you can do to educate the community, to make vaccines accessible, and to incentivize doing the right thing. You can start by complying with the Health and Safety Plan. You are the educators, so educate the community about vaccines and masks and do whatever you can to make people understand their responsibility in caring for themselves, each other, and the community at large.

  9. Heather Salvaggio on December 19, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    My name is Heather Salvaggio MD, I live at 1540 Wyndham Drive and I am a YSSD parent as well as a pediatric and general dermatologist.
    The actions this school administration and board take affect the members of our school community and the community at large. COVID-19 is surging. Hospitals are over capacity. Elective surgeries are once again on hold. Delayed access to health care leads to poor health outcomes, in addition to poor outcomes and death from COVID-19 itself. Only 54.5% of York County is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We are facing an Omicron on top of a Delta surge, a surge anticipated to be worse than last winter. It is time to follow the policies of public health experts. Craft policies that will protect your students, teachers, neighbors, and friends. Require masking. Quarantine and test those who are unprotected and exposed. Encourage and offer vaccination to families. Get vaccinated. In taking these actions, you will save lives.

  10. Amber Billet on December 17, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    850 Upland Road

    My name is Amber Billet and I am a YSSD parent as well as an Emergency Medicine doctor and residency program director who works in the ER at WellSpan York Hospital. I am emailing you to express my concerns with the current Health and Safety Plan and recent decision made to allow masking to be optional. I feel that after the Supreme Court ruling, there was a knee-jerk response to revert to the current Health and Safety Plan without analyzing this closely or allowing for public comment.

    1. Masks-I strongly believe it is in the best interest of our children’s safety and our entire community, that all CDC guidelines/recommendations are followed. According to your Health and Safety Plan, they are currently not being adhered to. According to the CDC, all students K-12 regardless of vaccination status should be masked. The fact that vaccination is available to children ages 5-18 does not mean parents are vaccinating their children. The school district does not even ask or keep track of who is vaccinated or who is not. Without 100% of children K-12 being vaccinated, it is not safe to have a voluntary mask policy.


    2. Quarantine policy-The current quarantine policy since masking became option has not changed. Now this quarantine policy is also not in accordance with CDC guidelines. It was deemed by the CDC that in the K-12 indoor classroom setting, the close contact definition requiring quarantine excludes students who were 3-6 ft of an infected student if both the infected and exposed students correctly and consistently wore masks the entire time. However, since masks are now optional, this quarantine policy should be updated/revised. Is anyone keeping track of which students are masked and which are not? Unless both exposed and infected students were wearing masks, the exposed student should be required to be tested and quarantined (see CDC guidelines in link above).

    In our community we are seeing increasing numbers of covid positive adults and children regardless of vaccine availability and York Hospital has well exceeded it’s capacity. Our Emergency Department waiting room is being utilized for patient care areas and our lobby of York Hospital has become a sea of patients waiting to be seen/treated. As I monitor the YSSD Covid 19 dashboard regularly, I see every day since Monday 12/13/21 the numbers increasing in every school building. It is only a matter of time until due to an unsafe masking and quarantine policy, more students will get infected, in person learning will have to stop, or there will be a bad outcome (hospitalization or death).

    Thank you for your time, attention and reconsideration of this matter.