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College Application Process and Tracking

Seniors - please review the YSHS College Application Tracking and Process .  This document outlines the full college application process and how to share information with the school so your applications are processed promptly and so your application results are properly documented with the school.  You can also access general information about topics associated with the college applications via the Junior/Senior College Planning document.

Note: last year we utilized a new tool, Kuder Navigator, to support the application process.  We found that tool that the tool was largely redundant and students and staff could operate more efficiently outside of the system.  Kuder Navigator can still be an effective tool for helping students to identify possible colleges and universities that fit their interests.

College Tracker Forms - these forms document all your applications and information needed by the counselors to support your applications.   You should fill out the form for your counselor:

College Tracker - Dr. Britton (A-G)
College Tracker - Mrs. Adams (H-O)
College Tracker - Ms. Glowaski (Salaga) (P-Z)

My College Acceptances - we collect documentation on all your acceptances.  When you receive an acceptance, please complete this form along.

My College Acceptances

My College/University Decision - when you have made your final decision regarding a college/university of attendance, please complete this form so we can properly document your plans and recognize you decision.

My College/University Destination


Worried about a Peer?

If you are worried about a fellow student or there is something you need the school to know immediately, please submit a tip:

Community Service

Are you interested in completing community service.  You can learn more below:

Military Process and Tracking

Seniors & Juniors - if you are considering joining the military upon graduation, please review this provided information and complete the Military Tracking Form so your counselors can support you as you consider your next steps.

My Military Decision - when you have made a final decision to join the military, please complete this form so we can properly document your plans and recognize you.

My Military Decision


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Mrs. K. Tina Howe
Mrs. Angie Adams
Dr. Jamie Britton
Ms. Taylor Glowaski

Administrative Assistant
  Mrs. Heather Heiland

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SAT dates can be found on the College Board Website

ACT dates can be found on the ACT Website

YSHS will also host the School Day SAT (i.e. the SAT is taken in school) in October for seniors and in the spring for Juniors.

School Day SAT Registration Form

Misc. Information

Career Corner:

Meet Our Counselors

Mrs. K. Tina Howe ...

Freshman: All

...began working at the York Suburban High School in August 1997. Prior to coming to Suburban, Mrs. Howe worked for South Western School District for one year as a long term substitute in the high school and middle school guidance offices. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from Bloomsburg University and a Master of Science in Counselor Education from Western Maryland College.

Tina Howe

Dr. Jamie Britton

Seniors: A-G
Sophomores/Juniors: A-G
...earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the Pennsylvania State University. He went on to earn his Masters of Science degree in Counselor Education through Western Maryland College, and eventually a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Immaculata University.



Dr. Britton

Mrs. Angie Adams

Seniors: H-O
Sophomores/Juniors: H-O

Angie Adams

Ms. Taylor Glowaski

Seniors: P-Z
Sophomores/Juniors: P-Z


The assigned counselor serves as the advocate for the student in many ways. To truly recognize their needs, counselors meet with individual students on a regular basis. A personal relationship develops that is nurtured through four years. If additional curricular assistance is needed, counselors can match peer tutors with students. On an individual basis, a counselor will work with students on everything from career exploration and post-secondary planning, to decision making and time management. Counselors review every college and scholarship application that is processed by the school. They prepare and administer a variety of tests and assessments for students, and help them to interpret the scores. The counselor also serves as the liaison between many departments for students with special needs.

Counselors work with individual students to gain opportunities in shadowing, internships, volunteer service, and employment. Some students will take advantage of our affiliations with a vocational high school, the PA Governor's Schools, and local colleges. Counselors work with students in identifying what programs are appropriate for their individual needs and the steps to gaining placement in the programs. All of these programs are used to enhance the four year experience of the student while better preparing them for the demands of life beyond high school.