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This FAQ has been developed to answer commonly asked questions or inquiries regarding the District’s construction and renovation projects. This renovation and construction updates website provides additional resources, including feasibility studies, mechanical studies, presented and refined options, cost projections, committee work, criteria for decision-making, and a complete project timeline progression from the beginning of this work to the current date. This comprehensive site serves as a resource for additional and more in-depth analysis of the development of projects' past, current, and future work. This is a running document, with question themes being added as developed. 

Impact Calculator

To help our community understand the projected costs of the York Suburban School District construction/renovation projects, a calculator has been developed for your use. 

If you are a taxpayer in the District, enter the assessed value of your home in the yellow box. The green values are the estimated amounts per year and per month that will impact your school taxes based solely on the renovation and construction projects. Please note, these are costs due to the projects only. Additional funding for operational needs may be needed.

Tax Impact Calculator

This calculator is a tool for tax estimation only. This result should not be considered a final tax figure, and is intended only as an approximation.

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Before Future Focused Planning (FFP)

April 10, 2022
York Suburban School District had been discussing the facilities needs and concerns before the Future Focused Planning (FFP) initiative began. A timeline of this work can be found here.